I Gave Thanks On Turkey Day For A Very Festive Feeling

Hey everyone As yesterday was the 1st of December  and offically marked the start of Advent I realise what I’m about to admit may be a hanging  offence in the eyes of some people. I   am however prepared for the consequences as I cheerfully admit that  I’ve already had my first Christmas lunch of this festive season.    

This unexpected surprise came courtesy of one of my besties who decided  to treat me to dinner at my local Morrison’s.  The friend concerned has just had her third child a few weeks ago and I have to say she really is blooming. As for the new born he was fast asleep in his pram and didn’t seem too bothered his mum and her friend were busy putting the world to rights as we enjoyed a catch up on all the latest developments in our busy lives.

During our chat we talked issues both local and national and discussed some of the main events which were or would be concerning us in the coming weeks and months. These included Christmas,  parenthood, the potential for air strikes on Syria, and believe it or not blogging.

Yes I thought that last admission may surprise you but my friend said that she and her husband are considering starting a blog  to chart their children’s progress as they grow up. Personally I think this is a great idea and have even suggested a name for their blog should they decide to follow through with their initial interest and set one up.  You will not be surprised to know that I have recommended WordPress as the hosting site of choice.  It goes without saying that I await developments with interest. 

With regards to the dinner itself I enjoyed a top quality meal of turkey all the Christmas trimmings followed by Christmas pudding and custard.  The irony was that we were tucking in to our feast on the American festival of Thanksgiving Day or as they often call it Turkey Day

It was brilliant to catch up with one of my best friends whose identity I am keeping a closely guarded secret on this occasion though regular readers of this blog may know who I’m talking about especially when I say that she is like me a resident of the village. 

I don’t know what if it was the early lunch or the fact that Morrison’s was festooned with decorations not to mention Christmas isles and Advent Calender’s but as we went our separate ways I began to feel distinctly festive.  To me was this the moment that Christmas officially started  as  I gave thanks for  friendship and realised that is that more than anything else which sums up the meaning of Christmas. After all the babe in the manger came to earth to be a friend to us all.

Love And Best Wishes
Gayle X


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