Candles In The Dark

Hey everyone This post is my poem for World Transgender  Remembrance Day I’ve titled it Candles In The Dark. I hope you find it a thought provoking read.

Candles In The Dark

This is a day to remember
to pause for reflection
to commemorate those  whose lives were so cruelly taken
by acts of unspeakable hate
their crime was simple
they knew themselves to be
and dared to express it
despite being told 
this was not socially or culturally  respectable
in the eyes of those deemed to count
they were seen as disposable
less than normal woman
some even in civilised nations think the same 
believing the gospel according to Germaine
they want us to shut up
not complain about equality
or human rights
or the blood on their guilt stained hands 
so what if I’m trans
I’m still female
it is part of who I am
was born to be
when I was a child
I knew the girl inside me
I heard her screams
the tears in her teens
when she couldn’t get out
of gender prison
of the hopes, dreams, and ambitions she cherished
she shaped the thoughts
of the woman you call friend
being trans isn’t playing dress up or pretend
it’s about being me
I am happy that in Scotland
and the other nations of Britain
I am free to enjoy my life
though there are some who shout abuse
I think they confuse me
for someone who gives a  damn
I just walk on
ignore them
leave them to bark at the black night sky
in other countries families cry
for the daughters, the sisters, the nieces,
they may never have known
so often our identities are hidden
for fear of what others would say
Ain this day I remember them my sisters in the sky
who died to light candles in the dark.

@ Gayle Smith 2015


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