Pulling Crackers

Hey everyone.  Due to the events of recent days  you could be forgiven for thinking that I’ve been a wee bit on the serious side lately and  I have to say you’d probably be right.  Well I suppose I had to be but no more I’ve put my sensible skirt  back in the wardrobe so I thought I would post a tongue in check poem on the more humorous side of life and the value of female friendships Though the title  may seem rather Christmas like this tale could apply all year round and I defy any woman to say she hasn’t been in this situation even my lesbian friends can change the word boy to girl and  I’m sure  they’ve been there .Written in 2006 I’ve called it Pulling Crackers I hope you enjoy the read.

Pulling Crackers

I’m always pulling crackers at the weekend
but when I say I’ll see them through the week
the boy I called the Saturday sensation
has suddenly become the local geek
my dreams evaporate and turn to nightmares
I’m so distraught I have to phone my friend
she tells to cheer up and not to worry.
I’ll be pulling better crackers
this weekend.

@Gayle Smith 2006


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