The Bhoy From The Bhangra And Bagpipes Traditions Plays Fair To Beat The Bigots

Hey everyone It is with a sense of outrage that I read in yesterday’s Herald that  Police Scotland are investigating the disgusting online racist attacks on SNP Scottish Government Minister following the recent bombings in Paris. In rants which can only  be called the voice of a brain dead a number of those on the far right margins of society have claimed in the most vile terms  possible that Mr Yousaf was in fact a known supporter of ISIL

Now I hate to disappoint these potential MENSA members but as someone who has campaigned with Mr Yousaf  the only things I know him to support are Scottish Independence, Glasgow Celtic,  fairness, and  human rights.  You know, the values people like these are always prattling on about but believe apply only to them.

Unlike these people  Humza Yousaf is a man of honour, integrity, and principal who would and does defend the right to free speech even for those who would spew such poisonous bile against him and attempt to tarnish his personal reputation.  This is the politics of hate, and smear, and at the heart of is a culture of labelling, scapegoating, and blaming. This attitude is at very best unhelpful and at worst potentially dangerous as it is exactly what the terrorists want .

Make no mistake this kind of Islamophobia  is  exactly what ISIL are praying for. This kind of scenario plays right in to their hands. It is the kind of reckless stupidity which creates breeding grounds for their anti western rhetoric to flourish and  the seeds of mistrust which will be sown as a result of it will be the best recruiting sergeant they could ever have dreamed of. For these fools to claim that Humza Yousaf will be having a whip round for the families of ISIL terrorists is, if one wants to be brutal about it complete and total insanity and those spouting this garbage are seriously unhinged.  The fact that one would be social commentator claimed that  Yousaf was as a big a threat to Britain as  ISIL , whilst another claimed that they would send him to Syria shows that reading the Daily Mail  for more than 10 seconds at a time can have catastrophic consequences for your ability to reason.

Since his election to the  Scottish Parliament and especially  since becoming a prominent member of both the Scottish National Party and the Scots-Asian community this talented young cabinet minister has had to develop a thick political skin over the last few years. It is to his considerable credit that he has  not only done so, but has at all times conducted himself with a dignity which his detractors will never be able to equal.

You know it is at times like this I think back to time when I was going through some difficult times and the woman who now leads an SNP Government First Minister Nicola Sturgeon helped me deal with a transphobic incident  from those who  didn’t want to understand  my gender identity issues by advising me to ignore the comments of small minded bigots and  assuring me that I would be judged on my character not on my wardrobe.  If you substitute wardrobe for faith then she could make the same statement to her Minister for External Affairs and International Development.

Finally I conclude this short post by paraphrasing the words of the woman who is now leader of the Labour Party in Scotland Kezia Dugdale who said a year on twitter a year ago that the next leader of the SNP after Nicola would surely be her friend Humza Yousaf. This is surely testament to the fact that people have friendships across the political spectrum and that in a democracy is exactly as it should be.  The bigots who target Humza Yousaf with their obnoxious and abusive behavior would do  well to remember that fact.   Unfortunately though they will choose not to and carry on hating whilst the bhoy from a Bagpipes and Bhangra tradition who dreamed of being the new Henrik Larsson gets on with the serious business of playing fair to beat the bigots and win for our country a  Scotland of equality, inclusion, and respect.

Love And Best Wishes
Gayle X


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