The Final Mission

Hey everyone  As some of you will know I have a strong faith and attend church on a regular basis. Though I don’t often write faith based poetry  there are some times it can’t be avoided especially when you find the Bible such an inspirational book. Having recently read through Revelation I was captivated by the idea of trying to tell what I see as the world’s scariest story in poetic form but I thought I would give it a try. I have titled the poem The  Final Mission I hope you find. It a thought provoking read.

The Final Mission

Four well trained assassins

gather together for one final mission

before scattering to all corners of the earth

each carefully selects the places

where they will hide among the natives

death will travel north

live in the better off lands

in the hearts of those frustrated by the must have generation

a traveller he will not settle in any particular nation

preferring to wander through them all

he has heard the call  and will strike whilst  leaders sleep

using fear as the deadliest weapon

War will settle in the west

in the lands of plains and prairies

where lone gunmen once roamed free

and pursuit of dreams left inhabitants

with a winner takes all view of humanity

conflict breeds barbarity in political agendas

the greedy know that killing if put out to tender

can make them rich in a land which claims to be the home of the brave.

making no mention of the economic slavery

it imposes on others both at home and overseas

the judge knows no land is completely free

no matter what leaders may say to the  contrary

to protect their illusion of democracy

which works for those who can afford  to pay

Meanwhile famine has journeyed south

to the drought plagued lands of Sub Saharan Africa

where the sun always shines

and the locals pray for rain every once in a while

just to make the land a fit place for growing crops

to feed their families

in countries  with the lowest life expectancy on earth

where only the powerful live to a ripe old age

these nations will never claim centre stage

trapped as they are in a vicious circle of debt and early death

from which escape is not a choice they get the chance to enjoy

Poverty is the last voice to be heard

his home is in the eastern lands

where sweatshops are a common reality

for those who wish to survive

and staying alive is more than a bee gees song

which some  of us danced to in our youth

there is one inescapable truth

from which we can run but never hide

revealed in the bible’s final book

it tells us that these four horsemen

will meet  at the home of the deceiver

believers will have to fight with all we have and more

make no mistake our enemies will be ready

but so the will the judge

and the earth will be crowned in glory

in the final battle when all will be revealed.

@ Gayle Smith 2015


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