As Bastions Of Integrity Play Games Of Who Done It And Part Time Columbo’s Tell Their Versions Of The Facts The Forces Of Reason Will Find The Truth Somewhere In The Ashess Of Hate

Hey everyone As I write this post it fair to say I that I do so in a state of shock as for the second time in less than a year the beautiful city of Paris has been rocked by violent explosions which have led to far too many innocent people losing their lives in the cruellest and most devastating way you or I can possibly imagine.

As usual the professional news hounds of the BBC and Sky news have started speculating about how many people have died and who may behind this outrage. This kind of blame game serves no useful purpose whatsoever and is a disgrace to the name of journalism. The worst example I have read of on my twitter feed came unsurprisingly from those bastions of journlistic integrity otherwise known as the BBC when of my their reporters asked a traumatised men who was in the French capital if they could count the number of dad bodies they could see. It is no great surprise that the man refused to comply with a request I can only describe as sickening.

The horror of this attack is so mind numbing that I can barely take it in and my thoughts and prayers are with the people of a nation which has had to endure more than it’s share of grief in the past year and whose President has declared a state of emergency. These next few weeks and indeed months will be difficult days for France as authorities seek to bring the perpetrators of this evil and barbaric attack to justice

The attacks or should I say attacks happened in seven locations throughout the city including a theatre, and the country’s national stadium have over 140 people dead with the death toll still rising. This should have been just another normal Friday evening for the citizens of the French capital with people going to an international football match or maybe to a rock concert or just dining out after a busy week of work or study. Instead it turned out to be ithe cruellest irony of all is not the fact that it happened on Friday the 13th a day famed amongst those of a superstitious nature as being unlucky but that this deliberate act of cold blooded murder took place on international kindness day. It is with this in mind I will pray that France remains kind to its Muslim population and does not indulge in the shameful Islamophobia of the BBC and others which I read about on social media earlier on tonight.

No doubt all the amateur crime fighters and would be detectives will have their individual conspiracy theories as to how these horrific events were allowed to happen and who may be responsible for these crimes but before any budding Miss Marple teams up with Batman And Robin or goes completely bonkers and decides to enlist the help of a would be part time Columbo I would remind them to be cautious before throwing any allegations out there about who done what and why and put strict rations on the amount of crime or detective based they are allowed to watch in one night. Though I make this point with humour, I do so to make a very important point and that is that this needs to be left to the appropriate authorities and there can be no room for demonising or scapegoating individuals or groups on their perceived religious beliefs not in France nor anywhere else.

I make that last point as a reminder that Britain has and indeed has always had its own problems with racial issues and with a media which is very culturally right wing that won’t change any time soon Evidence of this can quite clearly be seen in the run up to this year’s UK General Election when the both press and TV news coverage gave very favourable press to the extreme British nationalist and anti European United Kingdom Independence Party whilst demonising not only the SNP, but Plaid Cmyru, The Greens, and to a lesser extent The Labour Party, This aggressive anti European agenda was certainly a significant factor in the re-election of British Prime Minister David Cameron and his Conservative Party to govern the United Kingdom for the next five years.

I have to admit that this climate of growing xenophobia causes me great concern that what happened in France could easily happen in Britain and if it did it may well be because we by our lack of compassion enabled the conditions to create it. You see like it or not, neither Britain nor Scotland are as inclusive as we would like to believe and we are nowhere near as accepting of others as we tell people. I believe that if anything good is to come out of the tragic events of the last few hours it will be that countries no longer tolerate scapegoating and labelling and that we as a society learn to value difference and diversity far more than we do at the moment. It is time we stopped for a moment to pause for thought and during that time reflect on the country and world we want to see. It is bearing this in mind that I say let us stop this game of who done it, this is no time for the politics of blame, nor is it time for the guessing games of part time Columbo’s , it is in my opinion at least time to leave the detective work to the real detective’s who will unlike those bastions of integrity in the British press and media find the truth somewhere in the ashes of hate.

Love And Best Wishes
Gayle X


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