The Wonder Of Warehouse Winter Wardrobe Is Perfect For Party Season Glamour

Hey everyone I don’t care what anyone says I really love winter. I love it  not only because of the dark nights curled up in front  of the fire not even because of Strictly when I can fantasise about being swept off my feet by a gorgeous talented dancer who would make feel like the most important woman on earth at least for a few minutes a week.  Be in no doubt  though all of things are important to me they are not the primary reason  for my fondness for this time of this time of year   no, I love it for all the parties and events I get to attend and as every woman knows the more events I have to attend the more outfits I’m going to need to look my best in.

It was with this mind, I went for a wander round the shops and ended up in Warehouse which has always been one of my favourite places to get styled up and this season will be no exception and some of the dresses on view were absolutely stunning

I particularly liked one dark blue maxi dress which came adorned with traditional Christmas sparkles. 

If I’m honest I have to say the dress concerned did make me wish I was about  six or seven inches taller as women of my height  which by the way is the same as a certain well known international superstar, yes it’s Kylie, really don’t do maxi dresses very well  unless they can walk in heels a lot better than I can. So though the dress may not  take pride of place in my wardrobe that doesn’t mean I can’t recommend it to others who shall we say have a more suitable figure for it.

This mid length in exactly the same style is much more me and exactly the  kind of dress I would wear to an important  occasion such as a festive poetry night or a night out
with the girls.


What I like about this dress is that you can style it up in so many different ways  For example I could wear it with black tights and shoes for at a night at the dancing or if  I was going to somewhere more formal I could team  it up with nude tights and  silver shoes and bag.  Who knows if I was really bold I could even try matching it with gold or metallic accessories. 

Though these  were the most eye catching  outfits I saw on my recent visit there we’re plenty of other gorgeous outfits which would make any woman look amazing and the  Spotlight range which is the company’s signature look is always worth a look as I’m sure you’ll find something which requires a trip to the fitting room.

As you may have gathered Warehouse is one of my favourite places for style and
part of the reason for it is you can have a cutting edge look at a price which is kind to your purse. This is especially important to trans women many of whom are trying to live on a limited budget but still want to look as stylish as is possible so if you haven’t done so I would recommend you do so at your earliest opportunity as I think you’ll find the wonder of the Warehouse winter wardrobe is just perfect for your party season glamour.

Love And Best Wishes
Gayle XXX


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