A Citizen Journalist Knows The Time When A Story Has To Be Told

Hey everyone I start this post by quoting a line from the  Moody Blues hit Nights In White Satin. The line is ‘Letters are written never meaning to send’ The reason for my quote and subsequent contrition is that as my fellow poets will  know i am a terrible hoarder and there have been many articles which i have kept from newspapers and magazines both this year and in past years which i have meaning to write a post on.

The topics for these articles are a bit like my life in their variety, reflecting as they do a wide range of subject matters. Though many if not most will be from The  National, they won’t all be on Independence or even on Scotland. Many will reflect my views on a more general range of subjects from the environment to gender, from global affairs to local issues.

Of course i do have  have other sources of news, in particular the Guardian and the Observer, plus quality women’s magazines and stories which my friends and  contacts have shared with me in the virtual village that is the internet and that includes my network of other bloggers whose support i find both inspiring and invaluable. I shall be starting on my back catalog of stories with my next post when i shall be  looking at a column in The National from earlier this year by co-convener of the Scottish Green Party Patrick Harvie on why we should value our benefits system. This is a topic which has been in the news a lot recently due to the Conservative government’s agenda to reform the system and i believe that Harvie’s thoughts on the issue are even more relevant now than at the time the article was originally written

So what has stopped me writing on this article sooner if I found it so thought provoking at the time? if i’m honest i suppose it could best be described by paraphrasing  the words of Britain’s wartime Prime Minister ‘Events, dear readers, events’  Well that and the knowledge that there will be a time when there is such a thing slow news days. There  also some stories which need to be told and as a blogger it’s my duty to tell them. You see to me being a blogger is more than than being a direst on computer it’s about being a citizen journalist and that involves not only telling your stories but saving some for rainy days sharing them when they can make the biggest impact.


Love And Best Wishes

Gayle X


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