Midnight Red

Hey everyone As a trans woman i know only too well the dangers of being female at a bus stop  late at night or in the early hours of the morning and that is why i have chosen women’s safety as the topic for this poem. I have given it the the title Midnight Red not only because i believe any woman should be able to wear whatever she likes but also because most dangers to women occur after the hours of darkness. This poem will i hope remind people that the 16 days  campaign in protest at violence against women will be coming up in November and I for one hope you will support it. I hope you find this poem  a challenging and thought provoking read


Midnight Red

You know how it is

when you wait for a bus

a random guy starts chatting you up

you feel on edge, slightly uneasy

stomach in knots you start to get queasy

he tries to engage you social chat

every day topics on this and that

you know he’s eyeing you up alright

getting ideas for the rest of the  night

asking you questions on where you stay

if by chance your going his way

you try to fake confidence

but your face won’t smile

a middle aged woman

takes advice from the child

she once was

you don’t stop to pause

instead you let your feet  do the talking

walking without a backward glance

to the next stop

where you hop on your bus

the safety first tactics

learned with the green cross code

still work when you wear  midnight red on your lips


@ Gayle Smith 2015


One thought on “Midnight Red

  1. I experienced this as a trans man in Glasgow… it was very bizarre. A particular ‘gentleman’ was convinced I was a woman and intent on inviting up to his flat (so he could ‘show me’ things). Fortunately the bus came just in time. Nowadays I’m a little luckier as my beard avoids any ‘confusion’.

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