Let Us Build A New Jerusalem In A Caring Compassionate Country( Why The Cameron Brand Of Caring Conservatism Still Only Cares For The Few)

Hey everyone With last week’s Conservative Party conference in Manchester it was a confident and upbeat David Cameron who pledged to put Britain first in his keynote speech to the party faithful.
This pro Britain speech seemed to go down well not only with those in the conference halls but also with his party’s friends in the press and media with whom the rhetoric resonated well.

I however am slightly more dubious about how he is going to put the pride back in to Britain because much of what I heard in the conference speeches proved that whilst the brand may be the smiles and sunshine of green and pleasant lands the reality is that caring Conservatism is as much of a myth today as it was the 1980’s and that just in case anyone ever doubted it the Conservatives are still very much the nasty party of British Politics.

In a week that was full of smiles and spin the Tories reminded that they intended to get Britain working. What I think they meant was that they intended to get Britain working for them. Iain Duncan-Smith the dark lord of evil to every disabled person in Britain had the temerity to say that if disabled people were in poverty then he was sure they could work themselves out of it. This has to be one of the cruellest most cold hearted comments I’ve ever heard even from a member of the Tory cabinet. I can only conclude that Mr Duncan Smith has no experience of having a disabled person in the family or he would know that due to societal barriers many disabled people who want to work are not given the chance to so. This is called exclusion and is something that he and his friends have never really known so I as a fifty something transsexual woman who has epilepsy and a balance condition will take no lectures from people whom I consider to be on the right of both Margaret Thatcher and Doctor Josef Goebles.

As if to prove my point about the Conservative party’s drift to the outer edges of the right I cite Theresa May’s speech on immigration. This is has to be said would not have been out of place at the UKIP conference let alone a party which is supposed to pass as a centre right party of government. With disturbing tones of blame Johnny Foreigner for stealing our jobs and being the cause of all things evil this vicious attempt at smearing anyone who isn’t Etonian and filthy rich does not despite Cameron’s claims to the contrary chime with traditional British values unless of course those values are the values of imperialism, intolerance, superiority, and smugness with which they fit perfectly. This speech was and I hate to say this of any 21st century democratically elected government both nasty and racist and played not to those people on the respectable right or centre ground of politics but to the politically naïve who believe the old land of hope and glory where Britannia ruled the waves and exploited the workers who were the spun a yarn of greatness. Trust me a new Jerusalem is not something this Conservative party ever wants to build.

Then as if the demented discourse of Duncan-Smith or the madness of May hadn’t been enough to drive any respectable citizen into rage along came Cameron to remind us why this lot are virtually unelectable in Scotland. Mr Cameron said that ‘the Conservative Party must return to their great traditions of social reform and be the right party for those who want to work, get on and earn more money’. Now those are fine and noble sentiments but what Mr Cameron did not say was how he intended to help those left behind in recent years get the chance to be skilled up and make their way is this bold new Britain of the enterprise culture he was promoting.

This to me was a speech designed to help the haves and ignore the have nots This was not a speech to unify Britain but to further divide it along the lines of geography and class.

The idea that an old Etonian who was once a member of a private club where its members burned fifty pound notes in front of a homeless person can ever lead as he put ‘A party of fair chance or a party of equal shot’ is in my view simply ridiculous. Indeed far from ending poverty all indicators are that his party will further increase it this
to me is the real Tory agenda.

Now god knows I’m no Labour voter that ship sailed after my first general election vote in 1983 when I saw a Labour victory in Scotland swept aside by a Conservative landslide in the southern home counties of England. I did however find Mr Cameron’s attack on the new Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn whom he called a Britain hater both offensive and unwarranted and it demeans both him and the office he holds. This in my view was the politics of the gutter and has no place in political debate. It is fair to say that I am not Mr Corbyn’s biggest fan he is after all a unionist but for Mr Cameron to call his patriotism in to question to score cheap political points was at very best unkind and at worst cruel and to put not to fine a point on it vindictive and in my opinion slanderous

With regards to Scotland to The National reports that in a speech of almost 7,000 words the exact total given by reporter Andrew Learmonth was 6722 Cameron who makes great play of being Prime Minister of the whole United Kingdom mentioned Scotland only once. Meanwhile his Scottish party leader Ruth Davidson claimed they were the only unionist party left in Scotland Personally I believe if her boss continues on the road he wants to travel the few remaining Conservatives in Scotland will need to be put on an endangered species list in order to survive.

It seems to me that the Tories are quietly hoping that Scotland having in my view mistakenly voted no in last year’s independence referendum will go quietly in to a corner and let Westminster put us back in their box. Well to use the title of a TV quiz show Have I Got News For You Mr Cameron we are not going back in our box. Not today, not tomorrow, not ever again. We will fight your ruthless agenda on welfare, we will fight your demonising attitude to disabled people and to those seeking refuge from terror elsewhere. And as a member of the SNP let me say this and say it loudly and clearly. We will continue our democratic fight for the independence of our nation but until that day comes we will stand with everyone in these islands who wants to make common cause in defeating the politics of privilege and prejudice and a build new Jerusalem in a more caring compassionate country. That Mr Cameron is our fight and its a fight we intend to win.

Love And Best Wishes
Gayle X


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