A Matter Of Opinion Can Drive You Up The Poll (My Thoughts On Opinion Polls And The Questions They Don’t Ask)

Hey everyone I have just taken a part in an opinion poll for YouGov well I do sometimes and its been a wee while. Tonight’s topic was feminism and the poll only took around five minutes complete.

When answering questions I said I would describe myself as a feminist and that all men and women should be treated equally which as we know is not the case. I also said that if someone called me a feminist I would take it as a complement rather than an insult and I may go to see the film Suffragette when it is released in the cinema. Well I think the Suffragette movement is something all women should be proud of and I think it will inspire a new generation of young feminists just as Women For Independence has amongst yes voting Scottish women.

As is always the case with YouGov there were also some supplementary questions with regards to politics and more specifically voter identification. In this set of questions I said that I had voted in May’s General Election and my vote was cast for the Scottish National Party as the SNP are the party with which I most closely identify. This is hardly surprising as I happen to be a card carrying party member of the Shettleston constituency branch .

There was however some good news for other party leaders when I was asked irrespective of whether or not I agreed with them if I thought a list of London based party leaders were patriotic. I say London based as there was no mention of SNP Leader and First Minister of Scotland nor of Plaid Cymru’s Leanne Wood. With my two most obvious choices posted missing I said that I believe the New Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn was patriotic and that I would support his plans to renationalise Britain’s railways
rating it as an important issue for me. I also gave positive ratings to the new Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron and Green Party leader Natalie Bennett as though I won’t see eye to eye with them on all issues I do believe them to be genuine patriots who want what they believe to be in the best interests of the people of Britain.

However though Jeremy Corbyn got a reasonably good review the same can not be said of Conservative leader and current Prime Minister of the United Kingdom David Cameron or leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party Nigel Farage neither of whom I said were patriotic. You see it is my belief you cannot base patriotism on either acquired or inherited wealth or race or ethnicity so both Cameron and Farage fail to be the patriots they claim to be.

Talking of Britain and Britishness I have to say that the question on this topic was the only flaw in an otherwise enjoyable survey. You see I noticed that when they were asking what if anything made you proud to be British that some of the topics they listed as British like the signing of the Magna Carta and the defeat of the Spanish Armada were actually English rather than British as they occurred before the treaty of union created what we now know as the United Kingdom Of Great Britain in 1707.

Whilst this may seem a minor point to YouGov whose polls I always enjoy, it illustrates a very valid point held by members of the SNP and other nationalist parties in Wales and in Ulster that British and English are often perceived to be mutually exclusive. Though English people and the more sycophantic and slobbering unionists may not be offended by this many others are as it does tend to show a lack of awareness and indeed a lack of respect for the cultures, traditions, and histories, of Scotland, Wales, and Ulster. So maybe just maybe the United Kingdom isn’t quite as united as some people would like us to think and maybe just maybe it is little things like the questions asked in this survey or more importantly the ones they didn’t ask which will help to hasten its demise but that as we say is a matter of opinion and as we all know opinions can drive us right up the poll.

Love And Best Wishes
Gayle X


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