Hey everyone This is the second in my three poem challenge which was set for me by Audrey Marshall. Writing poems with a one word title isn’t easy but there is no better topic on which to try to write a poem like this than poetry. So bearing that in mind I have written a poem entitled Poets I hope you enjoy the read.


Poets come from all traditions

speak in many languages

on whatever we like

we often set the world to rights

on cold dark nights in theatres and bars

optimists see the stars

pessimists see blank sky

poets see both

and many other views

we write our news which we’re not adverse to sharing

on the stage and the page

we rant rave and rhyme

poets commit no crime

but to awaken their worlds from sleeping

we will weep real tears

when we’re angry beyond the point of fury

It is a poet’s job to hold society to scrutiny

to articulate ideas

which will change humanity

shape new agendas

in a way people understand

It is the task of the poet

to the interpret the landscape of the mind

plant seeds

so those who find them

gather in the harvest for future generations

change the face of communities, nations, the world

by crafting well selected words

in to patterns and designs

free verse, rap, rhyme

it matters not

bar to shake us out of our apathy

deliver us from comfort zones

help us to view with clarity

what is wrong with the earth

and how to make sense of our times

poets commit no crime

apart from dreaming

then deciding

maybe the stars can be caught after all.

@ Gayle Smith 2015


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