Don’t Mention Scotland To The Comrades

Hey everyone In what can only be described as act of collective insanity the Labour Party have been told by high command not word to mention the word Scotland when referring to events in Scotland but to refer instead to cities in their local areas such Glasgow and Edinburgh. The logic behind this thinking is that you don’t hear English MP’s mention the word England but their local towns and cities such as Newcastle, Manchester, Norwich or Southampton. So it seems that the collective thoughts of the comrades is that since English MP’s don’t mention England then their Scottish MP’s shouldn’t mention Scotland.

This idea not only comes from the bonkers school of British nationalism it ignores the fact that England being the dominant nation within the British unitary state both in terms of population and influence has made no attempt to leave the United Kingdom. It also neglects to consider Scotland’s different history and political reality. This according to the comrades can wished out of existence, like everything they don’t agree with. I mean it has to be if it doesn’t suit their thinking, after all they are so right on every single issue.

Well no, actually they’re not, but rather than face their Scottish problem it appears that what passes for the Labour Leadership have told the comrades that mentioning Scotland is playing not only to serve the nationalists agenda it is also playing right in to their hands. This to me is completely demented and I make no apologies for using such strong and some would say emotive language and believe me that is my more moderate way of expressing my opinion on this topic. To say you can’t mention Scotland when you are campaigning in Scotland to be the government of Scotland is facile vacuous and stupid.

The idea that using the word Scotland is in some way promoting the aims of the Scottish National Party is taking paranoia to a new and quite frankly embarrassing level. Such however is the level of spine chilling stupidity within the masses ranks of the Labour Party that they believe this brain dead wheeze will help them reconnect with the Scottish people. In contrast I believe that this will further distance them from anyone who doesn’t live in cloud cuckoo land. For my evidence I cite the one thing the Labour Party hate namely cold hard statistical facts

On Thursday there were seven council by-elections and the Labour Party did not win a single one of them. In fact every ward bar one in Moray where they have a long tradition of voting for Independent non party councillors were won by the SNP.

From Aberdeen in the north to their former eastern stronghold of Glenrothes. From the Ayrshire hearlands of Irvine to seats in the heart of Scotland such as Stirling and Linlithgow the results showed a pattern of SNP successes and the rejection of the Labour Party. To make matters worse many if not all of the wards up for grabs were in what used to be considered safe Labour areas. These were areas where you didn’t so much count the Labour votes as weigh them that’s the kind of areas we are talking about This should be the kind of area that should be easy for Labour to win back if you believe the gospel according to Jeremy and his disciples.

You see there are some in the Labour Party who have always believed that if only they would elect a socialist leader Scottish voters would return to the fold like the nice obedient flock of tartan sheep they want us to be. Well they did elect a socialist leader and there is no sign of a Corbyn bounce anywhere in Scotland on Thursday evening well not in a positive sense. There was a bounce however but it seems that in the week of their coverage despite unprecedented assistance from their friends and media all Jeremy and his comrades managed to do was bounce yes voters to the SNP and no voters to the Tories. Refusing to acknowledge Scotland exists will not help this beleaguered party’s plight it will in fact heighten it and further exacerbate their Scottish problem.

It was former Labour MP and later MSP for Dundee East John McAillion who once said that for Labour to continue to flourish in Scotland they would have to out nat the SNP. Time has shown the wisdom of the words of a man who was a great asset to the yes campaign in last year’s referendum. Sadly this is something they have failed to do and if they were a party fit for purpose they would of course realise this and take steps to rectify it. To act in this kind of boorish and petulant way is a propaganda gift to the SNP as by throwing a temper tantrum and indulging in the politics of the primary school Labour have demonstrated that they have learned nothing from their general election annihilation but they refuse to listen to the voters. So if see these people wandering about looking lost and bewildered it is best to ignore them but if you do attempt to engage them in adult conversation then remember dear readers no matter what you do don’t mention Scotland to the comrades sing it at the top of your voice and let them that some of us are proud to call it home.

Love And Best Wishes

Gayle X


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