Hey everyone My friend and fellow poet Audrey Marshall last night set me a challenge which I have decided to accept. My challenge is that my next three poems should have one word titles. This is the first of these poems I have given it the title Hero and is dedicated to the memory of my late dad John James Smith I hope you enjoy the read.


Dad I learned much from your skilled hands

watching you paint, decorate and cook meals

at a time when kitchens were not a male domain

you were ahead of the game

giving mum a day off making meals

when she needed a rest

you passed the equality test

long before the politicians

I watched you work

as you told me your vision of a better world

the values you learned from your parents

have gone on to shape me

even in childhood I could see a man

who was more than the labourer

some would claim him to be

I learned from your intellect

you respected education

told me to stick in at school

books you said would be my way forward

opening doors as I turned pages

you were right and I was glad you were there

to see me collect my degree

testament to the truth of your words

knowing I was not physically strong

you focused on my strengths

my willingness to learn

my interest in culture, politics, and history

you had dignity and compassion

for those society discards

growing up when times were hard

gave you an empathy

for the ones the rat race abandons

you knew my thoughts before I spoke them

I remember the Sunday afternoon

when you only part joking told me

one day I would be a woman

and you knew because I needed a man

to look after me

a man who was brave and strong yet also kind

prince charming hasn’t been easy to find

he never is every cinderella knows that

tonight as I sit in my flat and write

I smile in the comfort of night

remembering why

you were, are, and will always remain

my hero

@Gayle Smith 2015


3 thoughts on “Hero

    • Hey Maureen Thanks a lot for your kind words, I was indeed lucky not only to have such a great dad but to have someone who was ahead of his time on all equality issues and knew much more about his daughter than he ever told my mum.

      Best Wishes
      Gayle X

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