A Man Wearing Old Clothes From Narnia’s Wardrobe Drove Yesterday’s Car In The Slow Lane

Hey everyone Yesterday I watched in horror as I saw a pensioner crashing a car live on TV. The pensioner is still standing but the car is a shambles and will need so much work done to it that many people will question if the car which has recently undergone two spray paints from lilac to deep red and then to a more pink like red will ever be road worthy again. This is made worse by the fact that despite many objections to the pensioner even sitting his driving test he was allowed to go ahead and according to the examiner passed his test just a few weeks ago

A disturbing choice of metaphor it may be but such was the cringe worthy embarrassment of Jeremy Corbyn’s first interview as party leader it really was the only suitable choice. This was political poverty at its worst in a speech riddled with smears and falsehoods against the people of Scotland and in particular the SNP. To make matters worse Corbyn showing breathtaking hypocrisy said he supported a united Ireland but not Scotland’s right to be an independent nation having the audacity to claim despite evidence to contrary that we would be poorer because of it.

Yes Jeremy I think I know what we you may be referring to and believe me it isn’t the people of Scotland. It is and make no mistake about it, the self serving sycophants of the loyal British Labour and Unionist Party. Now I take a very hard line on this issue you see I believe you cannot support a united Ireland without supporting independence for Scotland and indeed all national communities who wish to attain it. To even dare to try this makes you at best a hypocrite and at worst a deluded fanatic who will say anything for votes. This however is what I call typical Labour behaviour and it’s no surprise the Right Honourable Member for Islington South is well versed in this particular art.

Now before people accuse me of anti Corbyn rant, let me make it crystal clear there are many ares on which I agree with the man. For example his support for the living wage is one issue where we can come together as is his determination to support the retention of the NHS, his plan to renationalise the railways and his opposition to trident is also area of common ground. The fact that he supports all of these policies is a starting point from which we could potentially work to build a consensus. However getting rid of the weapons of mass destruction that is trident is a deal breaker for me. Now whilst seeking nomination to be leader of his party he stated his desire to work with the SNP to achieve this. So if he keeps his promise this can only be a good thing even if the vast majority of his MP’s and MSP’s will attempt to prevent him from doing so. Therefore whether he will still commit to seeing this through is however another matter entirely.


If he does make this commitment, as I hope he will this will show he has abandoned or can be persuaded to abandon what we in Scotland call the Bain Principle. This ‘principle’ was no matter what the SNP do oppose it even if you actually think it’s a really good idea. It was, is, and always will be the politics of the brain dead. I however have strong reservations particularly as 94 per cent of his MP’s don’t believe he is capable of doing the job he has been given and will take every opportunity to remind him he wasn’t their choice to get it. I had hoped that Corbyn could move away from the kind of tribalism so often supported by his party and offer me some hope not so much of building a Britain I could be proud of I could never be proud of a state build on the rocks of bigotry and butchery as Britain was but maybe I could hope he could give me a country I could be content with at least until the next independence referendum.


Alas however though he has a few ideas I can support he has wobbled too early and on too many issues to manage this and as a result any honeymoon period I may have given him has been cut dramatically and drastically short. Good God if a potential suitor had disappointed me so badly I would have bolted from the date before I had finished the starter. I mean I have a reasonably forgiving nature but you can only forgive so much before those who can take advantage of you will do exactly that and the fact he has been all too willing to make too many consessions has pushed me over the tipping point. You see I had already forgiven him for boring me to death at his first Prime Minister’s Question time when he read out questions from ‘real people’ aka Labour Party hacks which smacked of both insincerity and self indulgence. I had forgiven him though with strong reservations for giving jobs in his shadow cabinet team to unelected peers. I had grudgingly forgiven the lack of women in his cabinet I had even tried to forgive this red top republican for his back tracking on refusing to sing god save the queen and then saying he would sing it in the future. It is however a different matter when you start talking crap about Scotland. When that happens the halo slips, and the game as we say is a bogey and you are now fair game to be hunted, by your opponents haunted by the principles you were supposed to stand for, and destroyed by both. Yesterday Jeremy Corbyn fell head first in to the trap that been set for him by a press and media which in my opinion set him up to fail. This was not a smart move and his detractors both outside and within his own party will be loving it.


This I suspect will not be an easy time for the Labour Party and If they I am going to make it any easier then I regret to inform I have bad news for them in that department to think otherwise would be at best naïve and at worst beyond gullible. Mr Corbyn’s credibility has in my opinion been shredded by his deliberate lying to the people of my country. What makes it worse for him is the fact that he has quite blatantly said that Scotland will gain no powers for our devolved parliament with him as leader of the Labour Party. I mean pardon me for reminding him but does he not realise that is one of the main reasons why his party so badly whipped by the SNP at May’s UK general election? Because if he really believes that this display pro union arrogance is going to win back support for his party he is very much mistaken.

To me this behaviour typifies a man who in all fairness doesn’t know much about Scotland but probably still has that sense of entitlement so many in the Labour Party seem to have in the sense  that they have a divine right to rule Scotland as their part of the UK . If as I suspect this is the case this is both very complacent and ill advised. Arrogance and complacency were two of the reasons Labour did as badly as they did in May the other key reason and it shouldn’t be forgotten is the fact that after promising Scotland they would deliver substantial new powers they in fact delivered nothing and had colluded with the Tories an elaborate hoax to con the people of Scotland out of our independence. Neither the Labour Party nor Mr Corbyn will be forgiven for that sleazy little crime for a very long time and if he thinks otherwise he is fooling no-one but himself a few Corbynistas who want to travel back in time and live the 1980’s.

You know  I hate to tell these people but the world has moved on from those days and we know that the only suitable place to do a timewarp is at a wedding or perhaps more appropriately given Labour’s current circumstances in the audience at the Rocky Horror Show. Not content with clocking up more time travel air miles than Doctor Who and the entire crew of the star ship enterprise the bold Jeremy in what I can only call a blatant anti SNP moment made a rather ridiculous comment about flags not building houses. Having said this I think it is my duty to remind of the shameful record the Labour Party had when last in power in Scotland with regard to building affordable social rented housing. Six homes in their last four years does not make for impressive reading when compared to the 24,000 built under the SNP. For Mr Corbyn not to have checked this fact smacks of lazy politics, in fact worse than that it smacks of the puerile playground politics his party have indulged in for all of my adult life. So much then for the new sexy socialism we were promised under good king Jeremy.Now without me being in any way uncharitable It seems to me that whilst the emperor may be able fit in to his favourite clothes more comfortably than the last few visitors to narnia’s wardrobe he certainly doesn’t have new ones worth wearing.

Yesterday I saw a pensioner having a car crash. A man wearing old clothes from Narnia’s wardrobe had been driving a car in the slow lane. I was shocked at this tragic sight and I have to say it disturbed me. The car which looked like it had been a favourite of his from many yesterday’s ago crashed badly and if it can be repaired which I very much doubt it may need another driver before 2020 when it is due for its next road test. The driver continued to tell everyone who would listen why some people needed to consider hin a safe driver as h was the only one who knows how the engine works. I am sure the man  may believe his own story  but I’m not sure do Like many others I remain unconvinced by his abilities to handle difficult situtations and his  Anti-Scottish rhetoric on no new powers will do nothing to change my mind

So I think it is fair to say that Mr Corbyn has a Scotland problem the question is how does he solve it. I believe this will not be as easy as he thinks. If as I believe is the case he thinks that the election of 56 SNP MP’s was a protest vote then he is not living in the real world and needs to wise up fast. It was an old SNP warhorse and a veteran of more campaigns than I can count who summed up  Corbyn’s dilema by saying Jeremy Corbyn would be ok if he didn’t have Edward the Second syndrome he wants to be overlord of Scotland. This I think sums his difficulty with Scotland and the fact that Labour in Scotland have been a shambles in opposition to a popular SNP government does help him or his party. Therefore I believe that to carry on this failed mantra of SNP bad is a recipe not only for disaster at the polls next May but for long term political oblivion.

That being the case I suggest the comrades will start their search for a replacement driver for their car  after a very painful night at the Scottish election next year when in spite of him or maybe because of him the Scottish National Party will be returned to power with an increased majority at Holyrood.

Love And Best Wishes

Gayle X


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