A Very Personal Alphabet (The A To Z Of Being Me)

Hey everyone I can’t remember who it was who suggested writing the post I’ll confess my ABC’s I think it was one of the girls in the Blogs Do It Better group but I can’t remember who. Anyway, whoever it was I’d like to thank them as is has given me the chance to get posting again after a couple of lazy days. I thought that some of the questions were a wee bit on the tame side and others were a bit too personal, so being a former equality trainer I’ve made what I consider to be a few intelligent adaptations and the result is I hope a more informative and hopefully a more entertaining post because of them I’ve given it the title. A Very Personal Alphabet (The A To Z Of Being Me) so let’s get started, I hope you enjoy the read.

Age. There are some things you never ask a woman and that includes a trans woman. This is one of those of things.

Blog Name Tartan Tights I don’t have a single biggest fear I have loads of fears must of which are I’m prepared to admit it completely and totally irrational.

I won’t state the current time as it will be later than that by the time I post this. So for C I will say I attend Church as I go Every Sunday also creativity as that’s what defines me.

My last Drink was Coffee but I also like Coke and Irn Bru. God knows, I could never be a Mormon.

All my friends are easy to talk to so I’ll tell you about my Education which is BA Honours Geography And Politics. I am also interested in Scottish and Irish Culture, The History Of The LGBTI Movement and All types of Poetry but particularly spoken word as this style goes back to the Celtic oral tradition which has roots in Ireland and The Highlands of Scotland which by some lucky fluke are my two ancestral lines

Favourite Song(s) Puppy Love, Dignity, Over And Over. From Donny Osmond To Dundee’s finest and the brilliant song writing of Ricky Ross and a song about my favourite football team the glorious Glasgow Celtic. It has to be said I love my music.

Grossest Memory/Memories There are a few contenders for this one. Scotland Voting No in Independence Referendum would have to be up there with the worst of them as would any Rangers victory over Celtic but being ill in a bookstore and being treated like I didn’t exist was much worse. However my number one choice has to be certain acquaintances getting a lift home from an event and not even having the manners to tell me they were going. This was especially bad as they knew I was travelling in roughly the same direction and left me stranded at a bus stop by myself. Trust me as a trans woman I have never felt so vulnerable and aware of the dangers women face. I really should wear this one as a badge of honour.

Hometown Glasgow, (Scotland).

In Love With Donny Osmond My first crush and still gorgeous.

I’m not Jealous of anyone so to me J stands for Jackie The Magazine I grew up reading.

I’ve never killed anyone nor will I ever do, so K stands for Kilts I Like Men Who Look Good In one.

L doesn’t stand for longest relationship as that’s far too personal to talk about so L stands for Lipstick. Every Woman Should Have A Million Different Shades. Why? because it makes us feel good  and no other explaination is required.

I have no middle name so M means Mini Skirts I wish I was young enough to wear them.

I don’t talk about siblings as I have none worth talking about and if you go by my chosen extended family the number is too big to count without leaving someone out. So to me N is represented by Nicola Sturgeon My Party Leader, and My Country’s First Minister.

My One Wish is to be granted more than one wish but if push comes to shove I’d say Scottish Independence though I have many possible choices so its a tough call.

I can’t remember the person I last called but I do know that P stands for Poetry which is my obsession and that to me is far more interesting than knowing the last person I chatted with.

Question I’m Always Asked Why Do You Want To Be A Woman?. I’m usually asked this by gay men and the intellectually challenged of both sexes. My answer is always the same I want to be a woman because I know I am one.

Reason(s) To Smile. My friends, my poetry, their poetry, and the fact I can live without fear as the woman I know myself to be.

Song I Last Sang Scotland The Brave By Citizen Smart. This to me is the best satirical version of the song that some amongst the pro union middle classes want to be the safe choice as Scotland’s national anthem.

Time I don’t do time because I know woman say there is never enough of it to get all things done and we are right.

Underwear Colour Black but sometimes other colours like Purple or Pink. It depends on the mood I’m in and how daring I feel.

Vacation is called a holiday in Scotland. This is much smarter as it doesn’t give free information to burglars that you have vacated your home and there is no- one to guard the premises. My ideal destination anywhere where there is a poetry or comedy festival.

Worst Habit Bad Timekeeping my friends at church and in the spoken word communities could testify to that

X-Rays I’ve Had Too many to count as I tend to be accident prone. Last one was my Mammogram

Your Favourite Dinner is to difficult to choose as it could and in my case does chang depending on the season of the year so I relate this to Youth and ask Where Did Mine Go?

Zodiac Sign Cancer

Well that’s my personal A to Z. You could call it The A to Z of being me. I hope you’ve enjoyed the read and that it’s helped you get to know me just that wee bit better.

Love And Best Wishes

Gayle X


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