The Vision

Hey everyone A year on from the referendum this poem reveals how I felt on the last day of campaigning. It also reflects how I felt on the disappointment of defeat and gives my views on the resultant hatred yes voters and in particular the SNP have faced from a British press and politics who thought they could wish us away. Well I hate to tell them that we will not be going back in the box. You see regardless of the result something changed during the referendum campaign and that was that Scotland had found our voice. We had rediscovered our confidence and would not be bullied or ignored anymore. The old Westminster way of treating our country is over and over for good. I believe Scotland is a stronger and better country because of what we went through and our eventual victory is only a matter of time. I’ve called this poem The Vision as a tribute to my fellow yes voters because to us independence was never about identity and flags it was and remains a vision to build a better, fairer, more equal society and a country fit for us all. I hope you enjoy the read.

The Vision

An optimist I was filled with hope

that the sun would shine on Scotland

we would walk in a new direction

with courage pride and dignity

lots of fellow travellers shared that vision

but greed and personal gain cowered too many

fear won the day in the name of stability

now Scotland watches as the vulnerable are stripped of their dignity

food banks are used more than ever

the cowardly lions who failed to roar have been turned in to sheep

they want us the guardians to go back to sleep

we refuse to comply

Scotland will not lie down go back in the box

we rocked Westminster at their general election

the slaughter of Labour called insurrection

by their friends in the Tory press

Nicola smeared as Salmond in a dress

by those without shame

looking for someone to blame

for their United Kingdom being invaded

not by muslims their usual targets of abuse

but by Scots called Nazis and Stalinists

fiction disguised as truth

by opinion formers in what they call a free press

for daring to suggest we could do things differently

I weep for these people

the fragility of their union exposed by the increase in their vitriol

they are afraid, they have reason to be

in the calm of the morning

I see the vision I fought for

even clearer than before

the lion shall roar on the day of our victory

and when it does

we will hear the call for fairness

@ Gayle Smith 2015


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