An Unexpected Gift From Mother Nature Is Something You Just Have To Show The World

Hey everyone. This post tells of a lovely but unexpected surprise on my journey to womanhood. It is therefore of a highly sensitive nature and anyone of a delicate disposition may want to skip this particular read.

I mention sensitivities because I know that this post may contain some alarming information to the easily distressed but this is information I feel have to share. Note to Planet Earth:


Now before the guys who are reading this go all emotional on me I should perhaps explain that I am talking about three main areas namely our legs, our under arms and our bikini line. For pre op trans women who haven’t as yet had either electrolysis or laser hair removal will also have to think about the face on this matter but hey ho them’s the breaks.

Anyway, on this occasion I’m talking about my legs which according many friends are by far my best feature. This is an opinion which I agree with, however shaving my prize assets has always been a source of problems for me and I can’t quite the stretch the budget to the wax strips the way I used to. This means I have to rely on razors far more than I would actually like. Well when your legs have had more cuts than you fit in a George Osbourne budget and you shred yourself faster than Jeremy Corbyn shreds a New Labour manifesto it is perhaps understandable that this is not my favourite part of my feminine beauty routine. That said, there can be and is not any legitimate excuse for the fact that I hadn’t defuzzed my legs since January preferring or so I thought to keep my forrest covered with my standard black or navy tights.

Now as most women will agree we seldom if ever look at our legs when putting our tights on first thing in the morning. It’s just something which comes so automatically to us we tend not even to give it a first thought let alone a second. If however we are going somewhere in the evening that is a very different matter. Such a situation occurred last when after focusing on the housework all day it was finally time to go out and enjoy an evening with friends. This meant a change in to something smarter than you would wear to go to shops or wash the dishes after my evening meal. Naturally a change outfit meant a change of tights and when I was replacing one pair with another I glanced at my legs and there wasn’t a single hair to be seen.  Being the kind   of girl I am you will understand that I don’t normally talk about miracles but you have to believe me when I say I was actually stunned, In fact, to be honest with you I was totally and completely speechless and those of you know me well will know this doesn’t happen very often. However there are exceptions to every rule and this was definitely one of them.

As I gazed again at my new fuzz free legs I couldn’t help but smile. There are times in life when my journey rewarding though it is can be challenging. God knows I’ve blogged about tantrums, tears, and flushes not to mention stomach cramps which are I have no doubt will be another post entirely. On those occasions I’ve taken all the beatings nature can give me because as a woman I know they’ll come to get me anyway and there is absolutely nothing I can do to stop them. This time however it was different this time it felt like nature had given me a small but important gift on my road to womanhood. No man can or will be able to understand how happy I felt to be able to enjoy that moment. The moment I looked at my nice clean fuzz free legs and I didn’t need to think about shaving for a very long and hopefully never again.  

Whilst I may never have been so lucky in other areas such as having the right enjoy my teenage years without needing to worry about being caught out or shamed by people who didn’t want to understand this was a victory for me in the sense that it will have a significant impact on my body confidence. For example this will if we actually get a proper summer next year mean that I would have the confidence to wear a swimsuit, I think a bikini may be out though. I say this not because of my age but because this is Scotland and good weather cannot be guaranteed. My new look legs may embolden this flirty mid fifty something to be more adventurous in the length of my hem line and wear slightly shorter skirts and dresses than the prudes in our midst say I should. I may be tempted to wear slightly lighter tights and not just stick to the usual predictable colours, who knows I may even wish to try a spray tan though on second thoughts I’ll probably give that one a miss though I have to say it’s nice to have the option and my new look legs have given me that as well as a significant confidence boost.

So forget the grand gestures and those big occasions you face on transitioning. Though they are important in their own way It really is all the little victories that make the journey so rewarding especially when there unexpected gifts from mother nature . It’s at times you know what true happiness is and you can take it from me I’ll be stepping out in style to show the world my presents quicker than you can say fake tan. Well there are some things a woman has to do and this is definately one of them. I mean it would most ungrateful not to and I am not that kind of girl.

Love And Best Wishes

Gayle X


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