Sunday Morning Coffee

Hey everyone I wrote this poem a couple of Sunday’s ago just before I went to church and I don’t know why but I was thinking on my friend Samantha as I did so. I think it might be because she is one of the few people with whom I’m  totally comfortable talking about my faith. Anyway for whatever reason Sam was very much in my thoughts as I wrote it and I don’t that was coincidence. As this morning was communion service I think this may be the perfect time to post it.  I’ve titled it Sunday Morning Coffee I hope you enjoy the read

Sunday Morning Coffee

It’s always made before the toast

Which is thinly spread with butter and eaten before applying my make up

Or getting on with those other finishing touches I always have to do before heading for church

Not thinking too much I leave to my warm drink to cool only sipping to see if it needs more sugar to sweaten the taste

A puritanical presbyterian I never act in haste

Instead I savour the flavours of morning

As I prepare myself for kirk I reflect I am in many ways like my mother

This is a discovery all women make some day

I focus set my mind to pray

Remembering that god knows I can sometimes play dumb and use the information gained later should the need arise

I trust in him to empower me not for my way but his I worship a god I know exists

Resistance is futile I tried that once it didn’t work

Now little miss sensible skirt I place my life in his hands

He understands me, he created me, shaped me Set my path to walk for his glory

Knowing me he knows I have routines

I will finish my Sunday morning coffee just in time to take my cup through to the kitchen where I shall wash and rinse it

As I cleanse my thoughts before leaving my home and taking my place in the pews

@ Gayle Smith 2015


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