The Dead Of Night (Not Waving, But Drowning,)

Hey everyone This poem is my response to the Syrian refugee crisis and my plea to the British Government to improve our efforts to help in this humanitarian crisis I’ve titled it The Dead Of Night I hope you find it a challenging and thought provoking read

The Dead Of Night

A human catastrophe

Millions flee

The land they once called home

They are not terrorists, nor migrants

They are refugees seeking asylum

Shelter, from barbaric brutality

Thinking only of protecting their familes

They flee to countries many miles from home

In the dead of night they risk all even death

Anything is better than the war torn land

In which they see no future

My heart cries on seeing the images

Fed to us by our press and TV

We have a government which shows

how uncivilised Britain can actually be

As it turns deaf ears and blind eyes

To a problem which so called leaders insist

is not of our making

Faking humanity with well delivered speeches

To reassure both the masses

and the chattering classes

Whilst dealing in death

and selling weapons to both sides

to use in the line of fire

Liars will be exposed in the cold light of morning

Meanwhile countries send out trigger warnings

To the suffering of those trapped by circumstance

as leaders fake humanity I think of those who will use any means of escape

No matter what odds they face

As I do so I remember a lesson from school

Those who fail to learn from history are condemned to repeat its mistakes

As fake concern fades in to a distance safe enough to numb the sensibilities

Of those who need to be calmed

A nation and a world can go back to sleep

Till next time

@ Gayle Smith 2015


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