Many Tongues

Hey everyone. The idea for this poem came to me in 2007 as a gesture of support for Asylum Seekers and in protest at the dawn raids at Dungaval. I finally decided to write it due to the currant attitudes to Asylum Seekers, Refugees, and Economic Migrants. Yes i know I should have written it years ago but as often happens I put the notes in a drawer and forgot all about them till I found them the other day. It really saddens me that the topic is as relevant today as it has ever been and possibly even more so. I have given it the title Many Tongues I hope you enjoy the read.

Many Tongues

They say there not like you and I

They speak a different way

They say there not like you and I

Because of how they pray

They say there not like you and I

They claim their in the right

They say there not like you and I

You and I are white

So I tell them that might be true

But it’s all we have in common

We don’t have room for bigotry In 21st century Scotland

It’s time to leave the past behind

It’s time for moving on

It’s time for global culture

To embrace its most radiant dawn

A rainbow lights our nation’s sky

With diversity and hope

And Scotland’s voice of liberty In many tongues is spoke

Our country welcomes everyone

We scorn the myths and lies

For people are people all over the world

There just like you and I

@ Gayle Smith 2015


One thought on “Many Tongues

  1. Lovely. I particularly like the repetition of ‘ they say they’re not like you and I’ This great ‘they’ who tell us what we should believe.

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