By Speaking In The Language Of The People Poets Will Start The Revolution (A Review Of Building God By David Lee Morgan)

Hey everyone Thursday was one of my busiest days of the 2015 fringe and one of most enjoyable It started with the passionate, principled poetry of former BBC UK Slam Poetry Champion David Lee Morgan in his show Building God. At the start of his show the poet read a poem written as a response to his last show and in it he asked What Is To Be Done? On getting in to the piece we discovered that we hadn’t done enough to change the world at least not for the better. With this controversial opening Morgan reminds us that for revolution to work it has to travel from the heart to the head then on to the Street

On doing this I can’t help but wonder if Morgan has identified in essence where the battle for Scotland’s independence was really lost. As some of our number travelled from the heart to the street missing out on the key second part of the journey. Whilst others on our team went straight from head to street forgetting the journey had to start with the heart. If we take note of these lessons we can win and win big next time the chance comes our way.

To do this however, we must take note of the fact that Independence is a class issue and by inspired by these lines from his poem ‘you work they rule but you are more than just a talking tool’ Having given us the essential backdrop and information we as the audience required David Lee Morgan looked at revolutions from the Paris commune of 1871 to the Chinese Cultural Revolution where books were burned and population growth limited. This is hardly the most way successful way to run an economy but the Russians didn’t get it right either with the bloody civil war in which David’s poem documents the facts by bringing them alive in way not possible on the page alone.

This was a poetry performance with trigger warnings and mood music. These are warnings the left need to listen if they ever want to hope about winning the future. This was not just red raw revolution for the sake of doing it this was where passion and purpose combined to form principle. This formation just like the formation of rock gave people something to build on something they can wear as a badge of belief. It is after all our beliefs which in so many ways some obvious and others perhaps less so shape the men and women we eventually become.

In this 42 minute masterpiece of political polemic poetry this softly spoken American who has been resident in Britain for more than 30 years outlines his desire for a more humane society and a kinder fairer world by taking the us as his audience members on a historical and geographic tour of revolutions which have not quite worked in the hope that humanity may yet learn from the setbacks and turn defeats into victories. We are drawn in to the show by a brilliant orator whose skill at persuading the audience to hang upon his every word makes us want to listen even more closely to his musings on the human condition. This is a man who is not only a master in the craft of poetry, this is a man who is a master communicator. This is someone who knows how to reach out to his audience whilst tuning into their deepest emotions. This is poetry at its best by a man of genuine stature. This is show I was glad to see and honoured to flyer for. Now it may have been 42 minutes I’ll never get back but I operate on the theory that you can never turn back time as this is known to all intents and purposes to be reasonably accurate but my way of looking at life is that if in those 42 minutes I learned something of value then that was 42 minutes well spent.

Believe me I learned a lot watching this show but most of all I learned that I was not alone in wanting a social and economic revolution and that the revolution not be started by politicians. The revolution will only will be started when enough people realise the value of poetry. It is after all poets who speak to the human condition in the international language of the people and David Lee Morgan speaks that language with a crystal clear vision. A vision built on the language formed by passion, purpose and principal.

Love And Best Wishes

Gayle X


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