A Long Way To Go For A Cheeseburger

Hey everyone This poem is dedicated to my friend and fellow poet Jenni Pascoe who was there to support me on a challenging Monday night when I went through to Edinburgh not just to see a show which I eventually did but also to keep a hold of my sanity as my friend and flatmate Janette was suffering a severe episode of depression. I’ve titled it A Long Way To Go For A Cheeseburger. I hope you enjoy what I hope is challenging and thought provoking read

A Long Way To Go For A Cheeseburger

I didn’t want to venture out. Not on a Monday evening preferring to save my pennies for a sunny day
the only problem with that is
when you share a flat with someone who has mental health issues
you gain a sixth sense that tunes in to their emotions
so I knew that a journey through to Edinburgh
may be the best way to preserve  my  sanity.
I could sense the cloud was about to burst
and didn’t want to be around when the storm broke
it was a long way to travel for two plain cheeseburgers
I couldn’t even afford a diet coke
as I made my way to the mile I mused on what shows I hoped  to see I was too late for Hannah Chutzpah
and the same applied  to McGuire
I looked for other options
got a flyer from a purple haired Finnish girl who said she loved Scotland and was impressed by my knowledge of her country
eventually I returned home to the Banshee.
chatted with Jenni and AJ McKenna
confessing that I hadn’t intended to come but there are times you just need to escape the private hell of someone who deserves better than that. I hoped she was safe back at the flat in which I try to make a home for a friend who is more cherished than she will ever know.
 Jenni said, I had done the right thing.
It was good to talk to someone who gets me accepts me for who I am.
a sister poet who knows
the cost of cheeseburgers
and the value of shelter when you know the clouds will burst @ Gayle Smith 2015


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