Applauding between Poems

Hey everyone. Yesterday I reblogged a post for the first time in the history of tartantights not expecting to do it again for a very long time. Yet less than 24 hours after reblogging Pete Wishart’s post on the problems facing the Scottish Labour Party I am posting the thoughts of respected poet Angela Topping on appluase beetween poems at poetry reading and spoken word nights and though what she has to say, will in the minds of some be controversial she has made me think of things from a slightly different angle than was previously the case. Like the post by Pete Wishart, this is one I would recommend you read and I would encourage you to leave your comments on a topic worthy of discussion.

Love And Best Wishes
Gayle X

Angela Topping

When I first started giving readings of my work, in the late 80s, poets were asked to read for 45 minutes, in most cases, if they were headlining, with a Q&A session to follow. People listened attentively, the poet made a few comments sometimes between poems, things that were interesting, things that were not in the poem itself.
These days it’s much more likely to be given a headline slot of up to 30 minutes, and sometimes, when reading with other poets, ten minutes may be all that is given. This isn’t a bad thing; it makes for poetry events which include a lot more variety, especially when the readers are professional in sticking to their time slots. There is also a proliferation of open mic spots and even whole events dedicated to open mics. Again, no bad things, especially with so many people writing these days, who all need…

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