Smiles And Soundbytes

Hey everyone. This is another poem from the archieves. Written in 2000 about the Blair government’s contempt for democracy 15 years later it is as relevant today as it was at the time of writing This poem pre dated both the expenses scandal and the bankers crash yet it is relevant to both purely because of the nature of the capitalism. If you substitute Blair for Cameron you can see the presidential almost authoratarian style of government the UK has become used to accepting. No wonder I voted yes to independence last year. The poem is titled Smiles And Soundbytes I hope you enjoy what I hope is a challenging and thought provoking read

Smiles And Soundbytes

A government more powerful
With every passing day
Who put a spin on everything
No matter what we say
With no respect for anything
Except their own opinion
This isn’t Nazi Germany
Its 21st century Britain.

With nobody to stop them
Or bring them to account
There free to line their pockets
With very large ammounts
Of cash that doesn’t belong to them
These servants of the state
Believing there above the law
They have no sell by date

They think that there invincible
There never going to lose
And if we disagree with them
They’ll ridicule our views
Listening doesn’t work for them
It doesn’t suit their style
They try to con the voters
With a soundbyte and a smile

But now it’s time to tell them no
That’s not the way to rule
Westminster has to recognise
The voters won’t be fooled
It’s time for politics to change
We have to stop the rot
We want a new democracy
Not an old boys talking shop

@ Gayle Smith 2000


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