The Second Date

Hey everyone We all know how excited and nervous we can get when going on a first date with someone, I however believe we should more concerned about the follow up as this can often be the clincher as to whether the potential romance has a future or not. This tongue in check poem  explains my thinking. I’ve titled it The Second Date, I hope you enjoy the read.

The Second Date

The first date went well
He liked my style
I liked his smile
Truth is, I fancied him like mad
But it was too early to decide
If he really was the one
So I suggested a second date

When the night came I couldn’t wait
I believed it would make or break our chances of success
On deciding what to wear
I went a little bit daring
Selecting a little black dress
Which showed a wee bit of leg
But covered just enough to say
You’ll have to fight for my honour

It must have worked
He asked to see me again
I said I would think about it
Add him as a friend on Facebook
And take his number

And that missy
Is how your mother got your dad
I think it was the second date
That was the clincher
Well no girl I know with any self respect  would ever refuse such a good kisser

@ Gayle Smith 2015


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