Hard To Swallow

Hey everyone In the light of the SNP Government’s decision to ban the use of genetically modified crops in Scotland I thought I would post this poem from the archieves to show that I have always been a long standing opponent of this kind of farming and I’m not jumping on a bandwagon to congratulate my party for making this decision. Written in 2000, yes I really did write an anti GM crops poem 15 years ago but please bear in mind when I graduated with my BA Honours in Geography And Politics it was geography that was my principle subject, I titled the poem Hard To Swallow I hope you enjoy the read.

Hard To Swallow

When I was a girl my parents tried hard
To make me eat my greens
They claimed that it would do me good
Though I’m told now it’s all in the genes

There talking genetically modified crops
The PM thinks there cool
He believes they’ll maintain his political health
For a harvest of New Labour rule

He says he always eats his genes
He tells us he knows what he’s fed
He likes his beetroot lilac
And his carrots are pink and not red

But I prefer my fish and chips
And I can’t stand the language of phonies
So I’ll never swallow a diet of lies
From genetically modified Tories.

@ Gayle Smith 2000


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