Jaffa Cakes And Sausage Rolls (The Tale Of Starving Activists)

Hey everyone As you may or may not know there were 4 by-elections in Glasgow yesterday. I was campaigning for the SNP in the Calton ward which we subsequently went on to hold but this poem shows or at least I hope it does, the more human side of politics and illustrates that despite our differences members of opposing parties can and do get on. It is dedicated to a young Labour activist by the name of Rebecca who told me she was starving so I ordered her campaign team to buy her a fish supper warning them that failure to comply would result in me tweeting party leadership contender Kezia Dugdale or even worse the First Minister or potential UK leader elect Jeremy
Corbyn. Needless to say I think she got fed. I’ve titled the poem Jaffa Cakes And Sausage Rolls (The Tale Of Starving Activists). I hope you enjoy the read.

Jaffa Cakes And Sausage Rolls (The Tale Of Starving Activists)

Young and devoted to her party cause
a fellow female fights for a different vision from me
she wore the red of Labour
whilst I leafleted for the SNP
in a summer by-election where turnout was low
she went round the doors
with her candidate
trying to get the vote out
measured in her tone
Rebecca is not the shouty type
in her political opinion
I want a better Scotland
she prefers a better Britain
we are friendly, share a joke
both admit to being starving
I tell the rest of her team
to buy her a fish supper
or they’ll be in a trouble
I’ll send a tweet to Kezia Dugdale and if they don’t heed my warning I’ll tell the First Minister or Jeremy Corbyn
and that could be the headline in the papers
SNP activist defends Labour opponent’s right to eat
knock up is hard work
this bonnie fighter deserved a treat
I should know all I had nothing to fend my hunger pains
but Jaffa Cakes and Sausage Rolls
it wasn’t policies we talked about
it was lack of food or as I call it stomach poverty
starving activists we go without
in the name of democracy
finding common ground despite our party colours
as we hunger for equality for all.

@ Gayle Smith 2015


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