Tip Of My Tongue

Hey everyone Tonight I post a poem on a scenario which every woman and quite a few men( though only the women will admit it) have been through many times. You know when your friend phones with what they think is earth shattering news but by the time they’ve told you all their other news they’ve forgotten what they were going to tell you. Believe me I know been there and a lot more than once let me tell you  I have given this poem which was written with tongue firmly planted in check the rather appropriate title Tip Of My Tongue  I hope you enjoy the read  

Tip Of My Tongue

I had something to tell you
though for the life of me
I can’t remember what it was
No it’s not that I should be lucky.
that kind of thing doesn’t happen to me.
No it’s not celebrity goss
Angie hasn’t had an affair
with her boss
though I did hear a rumour
about her
and you know who
yes him
I mean how could she be so dim
good god I could wring her neck
he’s not playing with the full deck
he may be ready and willing
but anyone who thinks Blair’s a socialist
can’t be the full shilling
Anyway this isn’t about her
or even Valerie
you know she who is obsessed
with calorie controlled diets
I just tell her to be quiet
and jog on down the gym
to get toned up for that bikini
have to say though her boyfriend
is rather dreamy
though a bit of a Jack the lad
as for Paddy did you hear he’s going to be a daddy
that wean will have brains like mastermind
when it comes to the team
men and football
why does it mean so much to them
god help us if their team gets beat
they’ll be no after match treats
if the result doesn’t go their way
no evening kick offs
and as for a bit of way hay
forget it
best just to smile and play dumb
you know I had something to tell you
I can’t remember what but see when I phoned
It really was on the tip of my tongue

@ Gayle Smith 2015


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