Mother Hubbard’s Miracle

Hey everyone I decided to post a  poem is on the subject of poverty. This is a topic on which and many others both in Scotland and in Britain know a lot more about that we’d like to. We live in a very different world from the Conservative government of David Cameron, George Osborne, Theresa May, and Iain Duncan-Smith and as for Boris Johnston I think it could be said that we inhabit a completely different universe or at least I hope we do. These billionaires and millionaires will never understand the hardship that the poverty of zero hours contracts bring or the crumb of discomfort you get when looking in to your larder only to find it in a worse state than Old Mother Hubbard’s or know the unrestrained joy of finding a biscuit to have with your coffee. It was with this in mind I have come up with the title Mother Hubbard’s Miracle I hope you find this poem a challeging and thought provoking read.

Mother Hubbard’s Miracle

On leaving the library

I make the short journey home.

to start my weekend

as I do so I smell curries and fish and chips                                                                            lick my lips at the feast I can’t afford

poverty can’t be ignored

bills have to be paid

as I walk down the lane the smells fade

no longer teasing my taste-buds with aromas of weekend dinners

before long I am back in the comfort of my home

I look at a cupboard which is more deserted than old mother Hubbard’s

finding more empty spaces than a car park on Christmas morning

the government can warn us all about there being no alternative to austerity

let them warn us again when they find themselves in my situation

we not in all in this together we are not one nation

some in our society are far more equal than others

eventually I discover a chocolate digestive                                                               celebrate the fact I can have coffee and biscuits for dinner

@ Gayle Smith 2015


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