Vitriolic Vinegar Speaks To Britain Of The Past A Vision Built On Fairness Is The Scotland Of The Future

Hey everyone In what surely must be one of the worst articles in any newspaper I have ever read (and believe me there’s been some crackers over the years) Daily Telegraph reporter Simon Heffer indulged his ego in one the most vile acts of Anti-Scottish hatred I have had displeasure to come across. However far from being angry at this deluded so-called journalist by the end of this ill informed rant I was secretly smiling and thinking our independence is only a matter of time.

In his article To Save The Union End The Scottish Insurgency. Heffer dipped his pen in vinegar fuelled vitriol, he then made a series of wild assumptions which if he would have bothered to check his facts he would have found to be patently untrue. It is this kind of obnoxious behaviour by those with a culture of entitlement which will end the union sooner rather than later.

Heffer starts his column by begging Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron to do something about Scotland or what he refers to as the Scottish insurgency. The Telegraph journalist goes on to claim that there was outrage in England that the 56 SNP MP’s forced the Conservative Government to climb down over the fox hunting bill. Well pardon me for finding that more difficult to believe than Mr Heffer would like but I have friends in Newcastle, Manchester, Sheffield, Hull, Cambridge, and Milton Keynes and many more towns and cities throughout England’s green and pleasant land and I don’t think fox hunting is an issue which comes anywhere close to the top of their list of priorities.

Poverty on the other hand does. It matters to everyone on these islands everyone that is except the Westminster elite. This English votes for English laws nonsense which Heffer and his pals in the chattering classes seem to be obsessed with is no more than smoke and mirrors. It is a diversionary tactic to distract the public gaze away from the more important issues the Westminster establishment do not want you to know about which impact on the quality of life of all UK citizens

The fact that Heffer openly attacks Scotland’s First Minister falsely claiming that her popularity is due to a post election honeymoon period and was like former Liberal Democrat leader is based purely on the televised debates shows the cultural ignorance of his little Englander mentality and his lack of awareness of Scottish politics.

This lack of political knowledge could be excused if he was a junior reporter fresh from university but this is a man whose opinions we are told is worthy of respect. A seasoned journalist who is we are informed worth listening to and someone of his standing really shouldn’t be that careless.

You see if Mr Heffer had taken the slightest interest in Scotland rather than regarding our country like most of the mainstream media as some sort of colonial backwater or if you want me to be brutal about it cash cow which needs to be controlled from Westminster he would know that his comparison of Nicola Sturgeon with the rather unfortunate Mr Clegg does not stand up to scrutiny.

Unlike Mr Clegg whose popularity was based on his success in 2010 the Prime Ministerial debates Nicola Sturgeon has been around the Scottish political scene for a long time being an MSP since the parliament’s reconstitution in 1999 and served as both Health Minister, and Deputy First Minister in the SNP government under her predecessor Alex Salmond from May 2007. Therefore for Heffer to make such a fanciful claim can be only be described as ludicrous, or if one is being charitable and I tend not to charitable with unionists shambolic amateur behaviour unworthy of a paid hack in some twenty second rate rag.

I also  find it very disturbing that Heffer attempts to describe the 56 SNP MP’s as Ms Sturgeon’s poodles. I find this disturbing not because of the ill manners he shows to Scotland’s democratically elected representatives or indeed our First Minister  but because he allows himself to be hung out to dry by a blogger like me who can and will rip his argument to shreds on the grounds he hasn’t done his homework. If he had done anything resembling research he would have known that many of our intake have served as Councillors, worked  as trade union representatives   and indeed ran their own succesful businesses . That however is unimportant to Mr Heffer and his ilk, in their glazed demented eyes we are as was stated in this article insurgents and must be stopped no matter the cost to Scotland or democracy. We after all are only Westminster’s cash cow and will only be allowed to do anything when they say so. Well I’m sure that’s what they thought on the eve of both the 2011 Scottish Election and this year’s  UK General Election  and we all know how wrong  they were on both those occasions.

There is however a delicious irony in Heffer’s call for Federalism a system he as a fanatical right wing Tory is and always will be vehemently opposed to. You see this call smacks of desperation, a desperation driven to put the Scots back in their box. This i am afraid has more of  the smell of a UKIP man  singing about rebellious Scots to crush than any sudden conversation to liberalism or liberal democratic values.  Far be it from me to put him right but if  Heffer is seriously saying that offering a federal solution would end to what he calls the Scottish Insurgency he is fooling no-one but himself. You see it is my belief that instead of diminishing Scotland, Scottish Identity or indeed the SNP it would serve to remind the voters of our country that it was the SNP and no-one else who extracted these concessions from Westminster and we did it by playing the game our way. Believe me federalism would take years of constitutional upheaval to achieve and it would require far more concessions than a Westminster parliament would ever be willing to grant. Either way unionists know the game is up and there is nothing they can do save it.

I evidence this point by saying that like a child in a temper tantrum Heffer without any evidence to back his claim  accuses yes supporters of being bullies during the referendum campaign. I destroy his pitifully weak argument by stating one cold hard fact the worst bullying came from the unionists whether it be the inflamatory language of some now former Labour MP’s or the death threats made to Ms Sturgeon and Mr Salmond. This is a fact and it’s a fact that the unionists no matter how they try cannot run away from. 

Also, the allegation that we have been sore losers since the referendum result does not match up with the political reality I know. Yet agin this flimsy point can be blown away like a straw in the wind by reminding Heffer and his little Englander pals that through it  was nationalists who rioted in George Square on the night after the result they were British nationalists of the most racist, sectarian, and bile ridden kind  no doubt upset maybe even distraught at a far narrower margin of victotry than they had ever thought possible. This fact alone goes to validate my point that It is not the yes campaign who are sore losers it was no campaign which were sore winners. Better Together was no more than a slick marketing ploy designed to keep the wheels of UK PLC well and truly oiled. Now having won the referendum they had to win the future failure to do so would see unionists in Scotland pay a heavy price. What Heffer and those like him who live in and seldom venture too far from the Westminster bubble fail to realise is that Scotland has changed for good since September 2014 and the result of the General Election illustrated that this was a more confident nation than it was in pre referendum days. This was a nation which had found our voice and we were going to make it heard.  

In the early hours of Friday 8th May 2015 a tartan tsunami hit Westminster and i swear i could hear a gravy train crashing on the news though it has to be said this went largely unreported in the main stream media. Apparently there were a lot of poodles found in the wreckage of that train in wreck On Monday 11th May a new train  with 56 workers and no poodles arrived to do Scotland’s business. They have been doing it well, opposing every unjust law and speaking not only for the people of Scotland but the disenfranchised throughout these islands.  Simon Heffer is witness to that. By resorting to abuse instead of journalism he has shown that in the words of former SNP MP for Govan former Depute Leader  of the  Party when he won his famous by-election victory in 1988 ‘the raj are rattled’

It is up to us to  make sure they  stay that way. We can and will achieve this only by replacing vitriolic vinegar which speaks to a Britain of the past  with a Scotland of the future and a vision built on fairness our people deserve no less it is our duty to deliver that Scotland and neither Cameron, Heffer, or any other Tory will stop us from doing so.

@ Gayle Smith 2015



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