Brighter Than Mars

Hey everyone This poem is a reflective look on my story so far in which I give a very personal report card on my life to date. It was titled for me by one of the rising stars of both the SNP and the broader independence movement Saffron Dickson who has given it the title Brighter Than Mars. This is in reference to the title of that well known book on relationships Women Are From Venus Men Are From Mars. I hope you enjoy the read.

Brighter Than Mars

Last night I had a heart to heart
with myself
admitting my faults and flaws
cherishing my strengths and abilities
keeping my dignity
thinking on past mistakes
and vowing never to repeat them
I am I have to say pretty pleased with the report card
on my life so far
I might never own a flashy car
or nice luxury home
It doesn’t matter I was never a material girl
though I did know how to express myself
I still do poetry serves me well
I am happy
content with I’ve got
I want to improve my lot
but after talking to others
in my position
I realise how lucky I am
I have the right to be myself
some people don’t get the chance I can dance in clubs and pubs
or underneath the stars
venus always shone brighter than mars
since the day my mum curled my hair in secret
painted my nails only when
dad and big brother went fishing for the weekend
allowed me to talk about boys
in a different way
than would ever be the case
during the week
when the daughter who dare not speak her name
watched The Waltons on Monday nights
now happy with my life
I told my heart to tell the world
never forget the inner girl
who give me the chance to play
without her I couldn’t have become
the confident woman I am
and will remain
till the last snows of a yet far distant winter
when I am called home
to my rest
and a note from a celtic flute
starts a celestial ceilidh

@ Gayle Smith 2015


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