Maiden Speech ( A Poem For The Right Honourable Mhairi Black MP)

Hey everyone. This poem is written in tribute to the force of nature that is the newly elected SNP MP for Paisley And Renfrewshire South The Right Honourable Mhairi Black after to use the words of former Celtic Manager Martin O’Neill an astonishingly brilliant Maiden Speech on Tuesday. I have titled it Maiden Speech I don’t think I need to say anymore. I hope you enjoy the read.

Maiden Speech ( A Poem For The Right Honourable Mhairi Black MP)

With passion and fire
a twenty year old
made her maiden speech
in the Westminster parliamentary chamber
attacking both the Conservative and Labour parties
at the same time
convicting them of different crimes
against the people of Scotland and indeed the rest of Britain
The Conservatives were uncaring
Labour were not providing decent credible alternative opposition
Mhairi was right on both points
on election night she knocked Labour’s nose out of joint
by beating one of their big names
a man who knew how to play the game
a man she respected
who had been her MP
for a very long time
she was only three on the night he was first elected
In 1997 when we sang things can only get better
but they didn’t they got worse
the curse of child poverty increased
the gap between rich and poor got wider
on the banks of the Clyde
and misplaced pride lead us beyond temptation
to the divided kingdom of austerity
where hard luck stories don’t matter
to the Kensington and Chelsea sets
who voted Tory for their bungalows and Porsche’s
This is worlds apart from the Paisley patterned principles of a patriot
whose socialist values come from a traditional Labour voting family
who believed in equality and fairness
outspoken this fighter will never believe in a couldn’t care less society
where the weakest and most vulnerable citizens
have to pay the price of living in bankers Britain
This young woman has a crystal clear vision of a future
where nobody will be to use the title of a Hue and Cry LP
Seduced and Abandoned
Parliament has never seen her like before
She will roar against injustice and inhumanity
In her maiden speech she highlighted the insanity
of the changes to Housing benefit for the young
saying it was absurd that she was only UK citizen under the age of 21
that the chancellor was prepared to help with housing costs
this Government was she said out of touch with ordinary voters
as were the opposition
which is why she and 55 other SNP members
were elected on the hope of something better
it was she said a shameful statistic that Paisley job centre which lies at the heart of her constituency
has the third highest number of referrals in Scotland
and one man she knew
had been banned for 13 weeks for being 15 minutes late
this is the kind inequality she hates
and will always fight against
It was with fire and passion
she spoke more common sense than those more than thrice her age
many have mocked the fact
than rather sit with fellow honourable members
she would join with the workers in the canteen
an MP who shares their values she understands the problems of those from the schemes
In her maiden speech she claimed centre stage
and Scotland saw the promise of tomorrow

@ Gayle Smith 2015


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