Caledonian Chrysalis

Hey everyone. This poem is on the topic of birthdays or more specifically my birthday which for those of you who don’t know occurred last Saturday. It also makes reference to activism, culture, evolution, this is ironic since I’m posting it on Bastille Day) friendships, and survival. Like a number of my recent poems this one was not titled by me, instead i trusted my fellow poet and Yes voter Kristy Nicholson to come up  with something suitable and I think her title Caledonian Chrysalis fits the bill to perfection.

Caledonian Chrysalis

Almost a hundred and fifty messages
flooded my facebook timeline
to wish me a happy birthday
some said I was an inspiration
others that I should carry on trouble making
like I was ever going to stop
this will not come as a shock
to those who know me best
there is no rest for likes of me
I will be who I want to be
and nobody will tell me otherwise
I was wished birthday greetings
In Gaelic, Spanish, English,
and of course my own Glaswegian tongue
another year older but forever young at heart
I am the way the nature made me
a rebel with plenty of causes
far too many to list
I will continue to fight every good fight
which needs the assistance of an activist
I don’t do banners slogans or sound bytes
I get directly involved
If there is a problem I think I can solve
I’ll just go in there and to the hell with the consequences
this does not mean I’ve taken leave of my senses
quite the reverse if truth be said
the bairn once written off for dead is alive well and kicking up hell
yes I am a gabby wee madam who will always have something to say
from poets to politicians
friends and neighbours to musicians
I don’t think my friends would want me to be any other way
which is I think why they made time in their day
to make mine .

@ Gayle Smith 2015


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