Birthday Girl

Hey everyone A poem on the arrival and soon to be passing of yet another birthday. I hope I’ve taken a reflective look on my story so far and shown that more things change the more they stay the same. I’ve titled the poem Birthday Girl I hope you enjoy the read.

Birthday Girl

My teenage dreams
fade in to distant memories
with the passing of years
at least they should do
but my world view refuses
to allow them to die
I hold on to them tighter
In rainy days of middle age
than I did in youth’s cloudless skies
ambitions some yet be realised
hang around like the smell of a favourite perfume
when rules and societal norms
threaten to make me stale
I will not fail my dreams
I must remember
the task of the poet
is to challenge yourself
not change the mind of others
It is to discover who I am
I write my thoughts
to record my opinions
and views
see the world in different hues
remembering all the while
to celebrate my birthday
giving thanks for memories shared
and smile at the fact
a birthday girl
who was yesterday’s rebel
is still the same today
as I was in my teens
It is for those dreams I know
I will walk the road to freedom
not for any other reason than the fact I can
I am, the author of my story
@ Gayle Smith 2015


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