A Poet To Order

Hey everyone A woman I know has asked me if I can write a poem for her based on very little information. Now I don’t know how to tell her this but though poets tend to work on imagination rather than formulas we still need
we still need a basic idea of a topic before committing our thoughts to the page. This however was something that I couldn’t get through to her no matter how hard I tried to explain. To her the fact that I am a poet means I should be able to write a poem on the spot with very little to actually go on. This is of course nonsense but you try explaining that to one of life’s eccentrics and somehow they just can’t seem to grasp the fact that every other craft the poet needs to be equipped with the appropriate tools for the job. So with this in mind I have written what I consider to be a poetry protest poem titled after something I’ll never be. I have called it A Poet To Order
I hope you enjoy the read.

A Poet To Order

A woman I know
wants me
to write a poem
since I am poet
she assumes
I can just churn one out on command
I don’t think she understands
this is not the way poets work
we need inspiration
we are not script writers
who stick rigidly to type
Imagination does not set limits
If we have any unspoken boundaries
of where we will or will not go
the muse will know why
It will lead us in a linguistic dance
teasing us in our choice of words
this will often result in a fusion
of the brilliant and the absurd
we don’t do formulas or types
we will write the world we see
from our perspective
being selective as we know
the power of editing
we show what we see by using metaphor and imagery 
and that is how we will paint landscapes with carefully chosen words  
It is these words which will say what is written in our poems
and make no mistake
Poems are best when they are written or spoken
in the language of the heart 
we remember the rule we learned on the start of our poetic adventures
 you may have agendas
but it is best to show and never tell
 the road to hell is littered with the obvious
bearing this in mind
we should leave the poem open to the reader 
let them take what they need 
from the process of engaging with our thoughts
I refuse to dine at some second rate creative cafe
It is not the way of the bard or the scholar
Imagination does not see borders
I will never be a poet to order

@ Gayle Smith 2015


One thought on “A Poet To Order

  1. Orders are like commands
    And we don.t work like that
    To demands from people who want our creativity to be expressed to suit thier desires.
    No chance
    Express your words like you have in your poem.
    See what she thinks of it now it.s complete
    And not to order
    Will it make a difference to her now
    She shouldn.t have asked for anything
    Because she knows your a poet
    You never gave in to her. And good for you sticking to your guns.
    Well written gayle. Fab words xx

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