Undercooked Chicken With Horse Manure Sauce May Well Be Meal Fit For Lemmings But Scotland Deserves Better Than This Second Rate Offering From The Westminster Colonial Cafe (How The Unionists Will Kill The Union Of UK PLC)

Hey everyone In my previous post as regular readers may recall I  posted about memories of my graduation and reflected on the closing of an important chapter in life. This  post however tackles something which happened the day after my graduation,  the date of which has been largely forgotten outside of political circles . I state this fact as it was on the 1st of July 1999. that  Queen Elizabeth the 2nd of England and Wales And Queen Elizabeth the the 1st Scotland  visited Holyrood to declare the Scottish Parliament to be officially in session, or as our first presiding officer of the parliament Winnie Ewing said so much much more eloquently today marks the of the long adjournment i declare the Scottish Parliament reconvened.

By deliberately referring to the long adjournment Mrs Ewing was informing the population that despite many lies to contrary the Scottish parliament had never actually been dissolved  it had only been adjourned and it’s powers taken to Westminster. Technical as this may be it is however an important point to make as it rips to shreds a basic unionist assumption that the United Kingdom has always been united, and it was united by common consent.

This is a dangerous myth and more then that it a myth unionists drip feed to the gullible whose support they so desperately need to maintain this outdated feudal arrangement and the frankly ludicrous assumption that the kind and benevolent British were giving Scotland our first ever parliament.  Now whilst this may have fooled the simple minded and your average Daily Record reader  it certainly didn’t fool me I was shall we shall we say wise to the ways of the Labour Party and their Tory best friends they only pretend to hate at election time in persuit of votes .

To me the Labour Party were and always would be agents of the state whose loyalty would always be Westminster and  the paycheque rather than Scotland and our people and the more politically educated we became the less relevant they would be both culturally and politically.

Even on the day the parliament opened I could see the SNP eventually removing them from power and Scotland moving forward because of it. Far from strengthening the union I believe devolution once people realised the shortcomings of it would lead to tensions between the two parliaments and that would lead to a rise in support for both the SNP and Independence

You see as  both a politics graduate and a political activist I know the truth of the old saying that power devolved is power retained  and that is why on the day our parliament was reconvened there was very little attention paid to the small print in which the devil hides most of his work. Had this came under any kind of close scrutiny the British claim made by the late and vastly overrated Donald Dewar  that devolution was the settled will of the Scottish people could have been exposed for the fraud which the more  cultured and enlightened among us always knew it to be. It was my belief that when Dewar and the rest of the Labour old guard were saying that devolution was the settled will of the Scottish people what they were really saying was listen Scotland this is as much as we are going to allow you so shut up and do as your as your told.

This is in part at least is very similiar to the rough house tactics the current government are using today it is obvious to me at least that some people are intent on proving the accuracy of the quote ‘those who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat its mistakes’

With this in mind it is I am afraid to say time the unionists were made to face some very uncomfortable truths and key among those those truths is the fact that had devolution in fact been a genuine attempt to address the Scottish democratic deficit rather than a sticking plaster over the broken leg of the union or what the current mayor of London Boris Johnston quite correctly if not intentionally referred to as UK PLC then we may not have had last year’s independence referendum nor woiuld we have needed to send 56 SNP MP’s to Westminster at the beginning of last month.

The fact is however that Labour were always reluctant converts  to the cause of even limited self rule on the grounds that they fear where it will lead. Many of their core activists had never indeed have never fully embraced it and saw and many cases still see it only as a crude way of buying the loyalty of voters whom they fear will desert them for  the SNP but  also potentially the Greens and not just in the short term but also way beyond it.

Yet it seems that far from learning humility from their recent electoral massacre at the hands of the angriest Scottish voters in a century Labour continue there recent love affair with their Tory colonial masters and they recently in yet another act of wilfull stupidity along with their true party leader David Cameron in voting against making the Scottish Parliament a pernament body.

This is something we were promised as a reward for staying in the UK and the promise was made by them and their unionist friends. Indeed I distinctly remember all unionist party leaders saying they would do when they made or at least we were told they made their now fictious vow. Though I remember being very suspicious at the timing of this promise coming as it did just days before the decisive vote on our independence which resulted in perhaps the biggest act of collective insanity in any so-called democracy on earth we voted against our country asserting the national right of self determination and instead to remain a dependant colony of UK PLC.

I believe a friend of mine went to a restaurant not long after the referendum result and on her visit to this establishment she usually orders lemon chicken, a tactful diplomatic soul I am sure she would have resisted the temptation to order what would have christened unionist chicken that in case you’re not too sure isn’t lemon chicken it’s more like badly undercooked chicken with horse manure sauce. Now This may well be a meal fit for lemmings  I relate this story only to say how vile the food of the union is to anyone with any degree of taste and that Scotland deserves to feast on more than the second rate offering from Westminster’s colonial cafe.

Now wait a minute did I say second rate? I think may have been more than a wee bit  charitable in my assessment of their latest offerings I mean  I don’t know about you, but I would have thought having spent the previous three years telling how much they wanted us to stay the unionists would be keen to show Scotland the hand of friendship rather than knife us in the back then treat us with contempt ignnorance and indifferance.

It is my considered opinion that the Westminster elite actually want rid of Scotland which is fine by me but they want done on their terms. You see I believe if they really wanted us to stay they would be increasing both the powers of the parliament and the finance availble to it. This to me would show a desire to retain Scotland for the union, common sense dictates if you want to keep people on your side you draw them in to the gathering rather than chuck them out the door or forcing them to leave.

That however is exactly what the unionists are doing  and in doing so they are proving the truth of the words so eloquently spoken by that principled arch opponent of devolution former Labour MP Tam Dalyell who referred to devolution as a motorway with no exits implying that the only place it would end would be with independence.

In agreeing with the sentiments of late former honourable member I also recall another  comment made by a former serving soldier and now respected poet  Castlemilk’s very own Jim Craig who said on the day the parliamet was reconvened, this is not end of the road no matter what Dewar and his unionist pals might think.  Independence is coming but it won’t be the SNP who bring it about. Believe me said the man who became my poetry mentor it will be the unionists who will kill the union. As I look back on the events of the last few weeks I can only conclude they have taken a major step towards proving him right.

Love And Best Wishes

Gayle X


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