History Maker (A Poem For The Right Honourable Mhairi Black MP)

Hey everyone. As the unionists and their friends in certain sections of the mainstream media step up their attacks on the so-called cybernats some of us are much to there great annoyance watching the behaviour of some of the less desirable element of unionism otherwise known as the Cyber Brits. As recently as this weekend I saw one of their number refer to Scotland’s youngest MP The Right Honourable Mhairi Black as a foul mouthed slut.

It is my opinion to make such a vile attack on Mhairi borders on criminality and the Honourable Member For Paisley And Renfrewshire South could bring a law suit against this individual and win it with a fair degree of ease. More likely however she will just laugh it off and think on the bitterness of the person concerned.

I however as a trans woman in my early fifties and unable to have children find it slightly more difficult to ignore which is why I have written this poem for our youngest Member of Parliament. I have titled it History Maker I hope you enjoy the read.

History Maker

The youngest MP in the democratic age
they questioned her right to be on the stage
Westminster provides
to the world
In their eyes she was just
a daft lassie
an immature wee girl
but the voters of Paisley and Renfrewshire South thought otherwise
sick of spin and lies
they elected her to the mother of parliaments
replacing a respected former cabinet minister
Mhairi was a history maker
Winning a seat from Labour many said could not be won
Especially against one of their most capable MP’s
and certainly not by a youngster
who might get lippy with customers in the chippy
as they enjoyed a bit of friendly banter
but unable to live up to her patter
would surely crack under the glare of publicity
Of course they when were proved wrong
it didn’t take long for the sinister forces
to get to work
desperate they searched tweets from five years ago
made when she was only 15 years old
they may have found tabloid gold or so they believed
Though the motivation will be perceived to be jealously
she has achieved more in 300 minutes
than their union has in 300 years
It was with disgust I read that some bitter cyber brit
called our Mhairi a foul mouthed slut
And make no mistake she is our Mhairi
If we are anything we are a family with all the disagreements families have behind close doors
well we all do
meanwhile the unionists demand three cheers for the red white and blue
cheers they won’t get from her or me
we can see the road to a better nation
this inspirational women has lit
a flame of hope which will not be put out
by those as and such as those
the Smith Commission and the Scotland Bill are the emperor’s new clothes
Mhairi can see the naked truth of that
It is most unedifying sight
for a young women who was elected an honourable member before she had graduated with honours
the voice of a new generation
she will not be beaten
by yesterday’s defeats
Instead she will stand with dignity
A woman of principle
walking forward to the future
not retreating to the past
a transwoman I can’t have children
but I am proud of a 20 year old
who can see the mythical kingdom
to which we are tied is united
only by greed
there is no thought for those in need
from an arrogant elite
concerned by the threat
to what they see as tradition
and the right to unchallenged privilege
that is all being British is about
Mhairi Black will not shout against this injustice
she will rage
some questioned whether she was ready
for the Westminster stage
I question whether Westminster is ready for her
this is no foul mouthed slut
It is the voice of a woman
I would be proud to call

@ Gayle Smith 2015


One Reply to “History Maker (A Poem For The Right Honourable Mhairi Black MP)”


    She has indeed made history and will continue to do us all proud Gayle. Thanks for sharing your work.

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