Ladies Day

Hey everyone Though not a fan of horse racing, a woman has far better things to do which her money than gamble. I do however know, that today being the Thursday of the Royal Ascot meeting it is also what’s known as Ladies Day. This is a day when all the things I loathe about British class system come out to remind girls like me of all the things we haven’t got and to be quite honest we wouldn’t want. With this in mind I have decided to post a poem I wrote on this event 15 years ago at the turn of the milenium. I’ve titled it Ladies Day I hope you enjoy the read.

Ladies Day

It’s ladies day at Ascot races                                                                                               with outrageous hats and smiling faces
where Charlotte’s and Chelsea’s parade with a passion
making mistakes in the name of fashion

How many osteriches died for today?
So that their feathers could be put on display
by Lady Fitz-smugly and all of her set
to make an impression that the world can’t forget

This is there chance to be seen on the box
to prove beyond doubt money doesn’t just talk
it screams and it howls in a most vulgar manner
but there too thick to know there a fashion disaster

Yes these the It girls can’t spell
yet believe they are better than both you and me
their partners are minted with big flashy cars
in their jet setting lifestyles they mix with the stars

But there’s something about which makes them half-witted
Yes I know that there loaded and have jobs in the city
though for the great wealth with which they’ve been blessed                                                 they just can’t seem to learn to get properly dressed.

@ Gayle Smith 2000


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