Why I Write Poetry

Hey everyone. This short poem I hope gives a sort of answer to those who ask me why I write poetry. Believe me there are a multitude of reasons and this barely scratches the surface of them but at least it gives a few hints as to why I decided to give it a go. I have given it the title Why I Write Poetry I hope you enjoy the read.

Why I Write Poetry

From teenage dreams
to political rants
to the mingers
I’ll never let in to my pants
from protest marches
to nights out with friends
to moments that drive me
round the bend
From celebrity culture
to fashion and style
in tribute to those
who make me smile
I put pen to paper
let thoughts run free
for the gift of expression
and the right to be me
From Scotland’s cause
to global equality
For women, fair pay,
and a better democracy
I’m a gabby wee madam
with something to say
I’ve a story to tell
and I`ll tell it my way
I speak my own truths
In my language of choice
It’s all about culture
and finding my voice
It’s not for the fame
nor the riches or glory
There’s a million and one reasons
why I write poetry.

@ Gayle Smith 2015


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