Take A Walk Up The Style Mile Until You See An Avenue For Quality

Hey everyone On Thursday afternoon whilst browsing through my twitter feed I noticed a blogger young enough to be my daughter bemoaning the fact that she was unable to attend the opening of the designer lingerie boutique Boux Avenue’s latest store in Aberdeen that evening.

In an effort to cheer her up I replied to her tweet asking if she had read my earlier post about the night I visited the Boux Avenue store in Glasgow. On admitting she had not, this young fashion and lifestyle blogger said she was genuinely excited that there was a branch of this classy boutique far nearer than she realised.

After reading her tweet I was inspired to pay a visit to the said boutique after attending my evening writers group at the Gallery of Modern Art. Unfortunately coming at the end of the night not long before closing time I didn’t get as long as I would have liked to wander round the store but I still think I got more than enough to review the company’ exciting new summer collection.

Being the summer there were lots fresh pastel colours on display as well as the usual standard blacks, whites, creams, and beiges. Even in a shorter visit than I would have liked I was struck with the colours on show with bras and knickers in lilac, purple, turquoise, and baby pink not to mention a multitude of other shades, I have to admit I did want to be a bit more risky than I would with the contents of my lingerie drawer. Being a woman of a certain age I was rather taken by the baby pink set but whilst I know I could away with this colour underneath the safety of my standard outfits well I never show too much I do have the sense to realise that this is not a colour in which I could do swim wear. As I said in an earlier post I have to be careful with pastels.

Purple however presents no such problem and it’s always been one of my favourite colours. This has nothing whatsoever to do with the fact that it was also one Donny Osmond’s favourite colour when his pictures adorned my bedroom wall and I was as proud as any girl can be to a member of the Osmond’s fan club. Well ok maybe a wee bit, I’ve always had plenty of purple outfits in my wardrobe over the years and it doesn’t actually drain my colour in the way some of the lighter colours manage to do.

Naturally in a lingerie boutique there were plenty of basques and suspender belts on offer in the traditional assortment of colours such as black, red, white, and cream as well as those in more summery colours to reflect the season of sunshine. Now I know that this may come as a shock to those who think and believe me there are some that all women over 40 should look like Miss Jean Brodie but I believe all women who to do so should have room for at least one suspender belt in her hosiery drawer. Well the way I see it is every woman has the right to feel good about herself and should she wish to own whatever she likes, that is in my opinion, entirely up to her.

Personally due to a manuel dexterity issue I have always found stockings and suspenders a difficult combination as I find suspender belts a wee bit fidgety for my liking. This means that a bit like heels wearing a suspender belt doesn’t really work for me Unlike heels however I do own the said garment though I’ll only wear one if I’m going somewhere really glamorous and I’ll enlist the help of ever helpful flatmate with the complications looking good can sometimes bring . Bearing in mind what I’ve just said it may surprise you when I say I have more than one suspender belt. Also I have to say that when purchasing new ones I will no doubt be sticking with black and cream. My reasons for my choices are simple, black is the classic and can be worn with anything particularly during the party season, cream on the other hand, is more flexible than white which should be saved for either catwalks or weddings and it enables you to choose your stockings from a far wider selection of colours.

I must admit like the young blogger I mentioned earlier who blogs under the excellent title G is for gingers I like Boux Avenue. It has a style which is unmistakably feminine and the product is top qualIty. You know the quality that whispers buy me in that seductive tone you know you can’t refuse. On this occasion my attention was drawn to plunge bras with removable straps which may be suitable for women with a fuller figure than mine and balconette bras which are a style I really like as they have the miraculous effect of giving me a better shape. This is of critical importance for a transwoman as it helps to increase both posture and as a result of this it has a positive knock on effect on my confidence.

There were also lots of different styles of knickers many of which came in the colours of the season. These ranged from thongs and bikini briefs, (well it is allegedly summer and there was a plentiful supply of both bikinis and swimsuits) to traditional every day wear. Not being beach ready as I tend to fry faster than a sausage on a barbecue I concentrated on the more essential lingerie that we all need as our wardrobe staples. Though I saw a couple of pairs of high waisted panties I was on the hunt for what those of us who are shall we say of a certain demographic would call a pair of Bridget’s. In other words the kind of underwear we would be more likely to wear to the church on Sunday mornings than the dancing on Saturday nights. It was therefore a considerable comfort to realise that even at the height of summer Boux Avenue has a style to suit all tastes.

As closing time came far quicker than I would have liked I only had time to look at half the products I would have liked to have seen. I saw enough however to say that if a woman is serious about her lingerie she needs to take a walk up the style mile and sees an avenue for quality.

Love And Best Wishes
Gayle X


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