Peaches And Lemons Make A Girl Feel Fruity But I Have To Be Careful With Pastels

Hey everyone On Monday I found myself in the city centre doing some sensible stuff.  You know the kind of things I mean all the dull but essential stufff you need to do ensure you have a place to call home like paying bills. After having been little miss sensible for far longer than I would  like, (anything more than two minutes really is a strain). I decided to go on a wee jaunt round the shops in the Buchanan Galleries.

On this occasion Oasis was my shop of choice and girlfriends I saw so many beautiful outfits in gorgeous summer colours I just wanted to go on a spending spree. On entering the store I was attracted by the map of the world when I mentioned this to a very likable and chatty sales woman I was told that this was due to Oasis selling the Gandhi range of flip flops. This story is one which really tugged at the heartstrings as the company was founded in the wake of the 2005 Boxing Day Tsumani and has become a global name. Nice though they are for those blessed with better feet than mine flip flops aren’t my scene but undeterred I pressed on looking for bargains in the rest of the store.

Just before I went on my travels through the store the sales woman or I prefer to say customer service advisor asked me what I had been up to and having known me for a few years she was not in the least bit surprised when I said as much as possible and told that my reason for visiting the store was to write a summer fashion blog. On hearing this, the girl who knowing my chatty nature was not in the least bit surprised, informed me that sometimes Oasis have bloggers breakfasts if they are launching a new collection or product. I was then asked if I was on Twitter when I said I was, she didn’t waste any time in taking down my twitter details so I will receive invites to events in future. Since we were talking technology I decided in what was either a moment of genius or possibly madness to pass on my blog details. On doing so, I said that I was doing this in the name of market research. In justifying this I said that if the staff know what I’m up to then they might guess what’s coming up and be able to help me to sort out whatever it is in my wardrobe that needs upgrading. Having done my bit for public relations I then got on with the serious business of looking at the new season trends.
For some unknown reason every time I write a fashion post I always look at shoes and this was no exception. I noticed there were heels in all sorts of summer colours with acqamarine, lemon, and peach particularly prominent. It has to be said that these colours were to be seen in all garments from tops to summer dresses and would add a hint freshness to any wardrobe.

The only problem for me when I go scouting for shoes is the inevitable green eyed monster viewing as I do so many pairs of highly seductive high heels which I know I can’t wear. This is not because of my age or the fact that I’m a transwoman but is in fact due to a lifelong balance impairment which means that most girls three in the morning walk after a night on the lash with their friends would be my 9 in the morning walk on a normal average day. So I guess that’s why I stick to flats. Well it’s my opinion that comfort is better than chaos and it’s certainly better than calamity that with heels could be waiting round every corner. Fortunately however Oasis have always been good at catering for my needs in this department.

On continuing my with styling day I noticed a cream lace cotton dress which I have to say I rather liked. Floaty and feminine this can be worn by any woman regardless of age. Personally I would team it up with a nice pair of sand satin touch tights, from the Woolford range, cream shoes and bag and a gorgeous light caramel jacket which I also spied on this lovely little shopping trip.

I don’t know if it is because of all the recent VE Celebrations but I was very taken by the classic military Khaki midi dress. Teamed up with tan tights and soft cream shoes, this would give a woman a classic retro 1940’s look. Should you go a bit more authentic and substitute the tights for stockings or hold ups it would be surely be enough to bag that soldier that some of us want to protect us.

Talking of bags and there was a tenuous link in the last sentence this is something Oasis has always been good for. Whether minimalist with handy wee clutches or Mary Poppins where you can fit half the planet Oasis girls are always looked after in this area. I particularly like the idea of a bag in a bag as this my idea of multi tasking heaven. You see as a poet I often carry two bags to events, one for my poems and one for my essential stuff such as lipstick, phone, and house keys. This bag solves all my problems and would considerably lighten my load. Needless to say I will be buying one at the earliest opportunity I get.

During my hunt on the rails I found a totally gorgeous peach dress it was as the sales assistant said perfect for summer. It’s a real girly girl dresses with a plain bodice and the kind of floaty skirt which is perfect for weddings or that important social occasion where you need to be stylish but sensible. I would team it up with the caramel jacket I mentioned earlier and possibly a pair of glossy nude tights to add that touch of sophistication.
Yes I know the twenty somethings will do fake tan or even go bare legged but I’m too fair skinned to risk either of these options and when your a more mature woman you have to err that wee bit more on the side of caution.

I also noticed a number of maxi dresses but as I said to the sales assistant I tend not to do Maxi’s because I’m not to the tallest woman on earth. This was something with which she readily identified as she said there not an easy style to pull off for girls at our height. Trust me she is totally right on this. This look is far better for the Long Tall Sally’s of this world than it is for girls of shall we say five foot three and under.

On looking for tops I noticed there were lots of prints and some really lovely ones in the colours of the season. I particularly liked a wee lilac number which I would combine with a black skirt, tights, and shoes in the winter and cream accessories in summer.

Being summer there was a lot of pastels on display and as I said to a team of shop assistants who were more than a wee bit helpful and went the extra mile to help me when they found out I was a blogger pastels are one thing I need to be careful with as the wrong choice of colour can have a draining effect on my complexion. Lemon however, is like lilac and peach one shade I can get away with. This is good news for me as being a card carrying member of the SNP I can when the occasion be fashionable in the party colours. I will say one thing however see those lemon high heels I’m not wearing them for nobody not even Nicola Sturgeon. 

As the time came to leave the store I was I have to say greatly enthused by both range and quality of the gorgeous new outfits. Indeed it could be said that though Peaches And Lemons make a woman feel fruity I know what I think will suit my style  and why  I have be careful with pastels. 

Love And Best Wishes

Gayle X


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