Hidden Treasure

Hey everyone. This poem Is my entry for the faith and unbelief poetry competiton which is taking place later this month as part of the West End Festival. It is based on the parable of the Hidden Treasure from the gospel of Matthew Chapter 13 verses 44-45 and was suggessted to me by the lovely Samantha Hands. For me my faith is a very private matter and I don’t talk about it to too many people Samantha however is one of the few people that I do feel at ease with regarding such a personal
Issue this is possibly because I know  she has a very strong faith of her own and that makes me more at ease than I would be with many others especially those who tend to sweeping and ill informed generalisations as to what they think Christians are and these generalisations are usually very wide of the mark. I have titled the poem Hidden Treasure and you know the more I think about it, the more I realise that good friends are like Hidden Treasure you only know how important they are to you when your lucky enough to stumble across them and believe me I stumbled across a diamond when I found Samantha Anyway, that’s enough my ramblings and I hope you enjoy the read.

Hidden Treasure

Searching for something
I know not what
I walk a lonely road
comforted by the fact
I know others walk the same way
with the dawning of the day
the journey brings fresh challenges
tough as they are they must be faced
my heart grows weary
for much needed rest
I continue my search
I look again
unsure of what I’m looking for
I question myself
pray silently for the virtue that is patience
I am not mistaken
in my quest
the kingdom will come
not through greed or ambition
treasures are hidden
in the depths of our humanity
Infinite yet fragile
jewels can be easily broken
it is better not to touch
but trust by faith that they be delivered when least expected. 

@ Gayle Smith 2015


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