Windswept And Interesting

Hey everyone. This is my final poem in my series on the Glasgow East election campaign. It covers our last remaining duty when a small but happy band of volunteers went out in the cold of mid May Saturday to deliver thank you letters to the voters for putting their trust in the SNP and in our brilliant new elected member The Right Honourable Natalie McGarry MP. I’ve titled the poem Windswept And Interesting and dedicate it to my team mate and amigo Linda Pike. I hope you enjoy the read.

Windswept And Interesting

It was a happy band
who gathered one last time
at the rooms
our home from home
during a tough well fought campaign
our final duty was to hope for the sun
but if necessary be prepared
to brave the wind and rain
delivering thank you letters
to the voters of Glasgow East
we would travel to different parts of the constituency
It seemed that everybody
wanted to be sent to The Forge
but the lion roared in Shettleston
and Easterhouse
In numbers the likes of which we had never seen
and at one time could only dream of
we sent teams to those areas too I said I would go wherever I was sent
I was more than content to get Easterhouse
The sun shone as we left headquarters
but when we reached our destination
the weather was up to no good
though with the odd exception
voters were in a happy mood
and many stopped to chat
young and old they had voted for Natalie
It was time for a change
a fresh new voice to be the choice
for a new Scotland and a better way of doing things
meanwhile the wind was blowing a gale
putting up a table would have been too much trouble
a struggle not worth the work
this wasn’t shirking it was pragmatism
we would still complete our mission
we just handed out the leaflets instead
It made more sense
It was as I said to one woman
an intelligent adaptation
she agreed spoke of our dedication to duty
not long after this chat
we stopped for a well deserved coffee
as the gales stepped their force
and I knew yet again
I would have that windswept and interesting look
you only get campaigning
I was even grateful when it started raining
as I know what the tin hat look really means
eventually we left the scheme
thankful for an early if unexpected lift back to the rooms
where coffee soup and biscuits
were enjoyed by the troops
who fought together to win
for Natalie, Scotland, and The Cause.

@ Gayle Smith 2015


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