When A Man Called Friday Gets Married On A Thursday And Takes His Princess Home To Paradise You Know The Perfect Fairy Tale Has Only Just Begun

Hey everyone Last night I had the honour of attending the wedding of a woman I am proud to call a friend. I have known Shannon Harkin, the new Mrs Obare for many years, and her mother Siobhan a lot longer. So when the bride to be invited me to her wedding reception I was naturally delighted to accept.

With this being such an important occasion I felt it was essential to select the right outfit. After giving this matter the due consideration it deserved I selected my trusty gold metallic dress with black tights and gold metallic shoes. Well it is my favourite dress and the fact it still fits me is very pleasant bonus especially when you consider I bought it in December 2008 and my shape has shall we say altered dramatically during that six and a half year period.

The reception held at the Cottier Theatre was a small intimate affair for family and close friends only. The Bride looked gorgeous in her white wedding dress and new husband Nexy real name Friday looked very dashing in his kilt. As for the bride’s mother, I have to say Siobhan was positively glowing as she celebrated her daughter’s wedding to the man of her dreams.

After congratulating the groom and telling him how well he had done to capture the heart of a fairy tale princess. I joined the company of another of Siobhan’s friends Margaret MacMillan and her grand daughter Alana. It has to be said that apart from the happy couple it was Alana who stole the show. This very likeable bundle of energy of whom I know her gran is rightly proud was only ever off the dance floor for a brief break and as soon as she regained her composure she was back up for everything from the dashing white sergeant to the time warp from seventies music to rave.

It was Alana’s relentless energy that encouraged me to get up and strutt my stuff to a greater extent than I had at any night since I went to a halloween night dressed as a working girl to celebrate a friend’s birthday. On that particular night it was the guys who danced me off my feet but this time it was all about the girls and I was in my glory.

As I mixed and mingled with the guests I wasn’t in the least surprised to find the esteem in which Shannon is held particularly by her friends from work. One of the girls went as far as to say it was an honour to be invited to share her big day to which I replied in the way only an embarrassing auntie can that Shannon must have felt it was to know her and the rest of the crowd because if she didn’t they wouldn’t have been there. Well though she may not be quite as controversial as her mad personally chosen trans auntie but believe me she is every bit as selective as to who she wants in her company.

Talking of company I have to say I really enjoyed the company of the other guests and particularly the woman. Trust me there is no sight more common at a wedding reception than a group of girls of all ages from the young to the young at heart taking over the dance floor. Believe me If anything ever brought home the power of being of a woman and how positive it actually is, it is the simple act of dancing with a group of girls at a wedding. This is one of the most enjoyable times to bond with other girls and prove the truth of that 1980’s classic Girls Just Wanna Have Fun and trust me when I say there is more truth in those words than any man will ever know or for that matter ever want to know. Yes boys there really are certain things we keep secret from you and we keep them secret for a reason. You see we know you just wouldn’t be able to cope.
Though there is one thing I think I can reveal and that is that when your beloved is taking what seems like hours to pick that outfit for a special occasion we aren’t doing it to please you we are doing it to please ourselves and make sure our girlfriends like our outfits. Well it’s much harder to impress a fussy fashion conscious sister or a friend than it is to impress a man. I hate to break it to you guys but it’s true.

Talking of fashion every woman at the gathering was turned out brilliantly in outfits in a range of different colours with aqua, peach, orange, and lemon reflecting the styles of summer. I received compliments on my outfit not only from the mother of the bride or from Margaret with whom I spent much of the night but from girls young enough to be my daughter and believe me unless you’ve been where I’ve been you’ll never know just how much of a buzz that really was.

As for my dancing skills let’s just say that I don’t think I’ll be invited to take part in strictly any time soon. Though I must admit I did enjoy hitting the floor and letting my hair down. Well there’s always one at every wedding, you know the embarrassing auntie dancer and this time I was the one. Not that I cared I was far too busy enjoying myself. Me being me I did get up for the Dashing White Sargent and a couple of other ceilidh style dances but I had the good sense to realise that trying to participate in Strip The Willow may just have bordered on insanity for a woman of my age.

When the music changed styles and became more contemporary after the break for the buffet I was on the dance floor a bit more often. This was especially true for the timewarp and shang-a-lang Well the Bay City Rollers always could get me moving and for a brief moment I dreamed I was 13 again rather than the 53 my birth certificate tells me I am. As the night became even more Scottish I found jigging to The Proclaimers 500 Miles, Lulu Shout and the final song of the evening Runrig’s brilliant version of Loch Lomond. As the last record stopped the night was ended by a piper playing Flower Of Scotland, and Scotland The Brave.

As the night ended I thanked Shannon for inviting me to be part of her big day and went and filled a couple of doggy bags with sweets cup cakes and of course each bag contained a slice of wedding cake. Having done my duty as instructed by Siobhan I was just about to head to the bus stop to get the number 2 back to Baillieston when Siobhan organised me a lift up the road as her nephew Andrew and his partner Jen were heading out that way and I was thankful for the fact they dropped me at the door. It was a lovely end to a wonderful evening an evening I felt honoured to be part of. Well, when a man called Friday gets married on a Thursday and takes his princess home to paradise you know the perfect fairy tale has only just begun

Love And Best Wishes
Gayle X


2 thoughts on “When A Man Called Friday Gets Married On A Thursday And Takes His Princess Home To Paradise You Know The Perfect Fairy Tale Has Only Just Begun

  1. Gayle this is a masterpiece of creative loving words written for a very special occassion. thank you for adding alana and me to this fairytale of love.
    princess shannon and prince nexy sent out the invitations to share with them their wedding day..full of love passion charm excitement and fun fun fun.
    the whole day was magical as the beautiful bridesmaids walked down the aisle before princess shannon supported by her loving parents met her prince at the altar to declare their love for each other in the sanctimony of marriage in front of their guests and witnesses.
    the look of love and devotion between nexy and shannon was electrifying.
    they are now committed to each other as man and wife forever more until death do part.
    they both will make their dream come true in the years ahead. I wish them many years of happiness in unison as one couple..may they live happily ever after. much love mgt xx

  2. That’s lovely! ♡♥
    It was great to meet you Gayle! I’m glad our dance along to shang-a-lang got a mention! ! Xxx

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