A Woman Of A Certain Age

Hey everyone. This poem was written after a visit to the doctor for a routine blood check. During a pleasent conversation and with my health very much as her priority the doctor reminded me that I am a woman of a certain age. Now there was a time when I may have been a wee bit sensitive about a comment like this but today I smiled and believe it or not, I thought yes I am and I’m proud of it. I think this is probably due to the fact that I know I can be a bit of a mother hen to my younger female friends and I know that I’m becomming more like my mother than I ever thought possible. I have titled the poem A Woman  Of A  Certain Age I hope you enjoy the read.

A Woman Of A Certain Age

The doctor said
I am a woman of a certain age
I once thought
I would fly in to a rage
If I was ever described in this way instead I just smiled
I thought I must be
This comment didn’t disgust me
In the way I thought it might
It felt right, appropriate, if you like confirmation that I was indeed
a middle aged woman
I can’t pretend to be superhuman
though every girl must
Trust me part of me is still in my teens
rather than my fifties
I walk with dignity and style smile at passers by
I don’t need to try to fit an image
live a life which could never be mine
this is my time
I am comfortable with who I am
no longer needing to pretend
I am someone I’m not
I know myself
value my health and my friends
the things that really matter
my mothering nature means
I need someone
to fuss over, protect, look after
I said I thought I was getting dafter
And flushing at just the wrong time
I was reminded that had I been born a girl
I could now be menopausal
after pausing for thought
talking Donny Osmond
the death of Charles Kennedy
Alex Salmond and an independent Scotland
My part in Natalie’s victory
reflecting how I kept my dignity
in difficult circumstances
why I prefer to talk to women doctors
about any problems
I discovered I am more like my mother
than I thought
I am a daughter of the kirk
I am comfortable in my skirts
I am a woman of a certain age
and happy with the privileges it brings
I have learned that in life
it really is the little things that matter

@ Gayle Smith 2015


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