Pomposity And Powdered Wigs Are Out Of Date Traditions If Your Scottish And You Know It Be Proud To Clap Your Hands

Hey everyone. I don’t know what it is about the so-called mother of parliaments, but just when I thought that Westminster couldn’t get any more pompous, stale, and boring, it seems they take delight in proving me wrong. You see those in grey suits with even greyer minds have decided with their infinite Westminster wisdom to give the SNP MP’s a right royal ticking off.

The reason, well apart from the arrogance for which they are world renowned those in powdered wigs and funny cloaks have decided they don’t like the SNP clapping their approval at comments and speeches in the House of Commons and would sooner we indulged in the traditions of Westminster by shouting like the rest of the British members do.

Unfortunately, I think Westminster is missing the point. The SNP are not British in the political sense of the word and we were not elected to be so. When our party won our landslide victory on May 7th Scotland did note vote to obey Westminster Scotland voted in massive numbers to shake the old place up a bit and if that means not joining in with the outdated practices and procedures which were in all probability started by some grouse shooting toffs more centuries ago than anyone cares to remember then that’s way it’s going to be and if the British establishment are frothing at the mouth at the prospect then that’s just tough.

What these people seem to forget is that Scotland is exactly that Scotland. We are not Scotlandshire as many in both main unionist parties would like to think, nor are we the North Britain of Gordon Brown’s fantasy world. We are Scotland and the voters reflected that when we made our choice. It is a choice I think the Westminster elite had better start respecting and soon. If they don’t adapt quickly they will serve only to entrench the SNP’s position and make an already formidable force even stronger.

It seems to me that the old order have been deeply disturbed by this result in a way that has never happened in my lifetime. Right from the start they have set out to obstruct the SNP at every possible angle. From stuffing the Scottish Select Committee with a combination of lords and lobby fodder whose only connection with Scotland is that they once bought a postcard with a picture of Balmoral on it, to criticising our MP’s for stealing eating chip rolls and sitting with the workers during lunch rather than with fellow Honourable Members they seem to be on a collision course with our 56 MP’s. This is a very dangerous game and a game they’ll never win they are playing right in to our hands.

You know there is a song that we were taught as children, I think it’s gone global and everybody knows it. The song is titled if your happy and you know it clap your hands. Our MP’s are happy, they are happy we placed our trust in them to represent us and that whether the Westminster establishment like it or not is precisely what they’ll do. And if they the ignore the pomposity and powedered wigs and the out of date traditions of the palace of Westminster, deciding instead to respect the voters who elected them by showing our Scottishness by clapping their hands then the rest of the world will know it is time for change.

If the United Kingdom is to stay united for any length of time then I believe it has to come in to the 21st century and realise it is time for new traditions. It has to be, there can be no other way. This election result sent shock waves round the world and for any reasonable parliament that would signal a massive warning sign that it is time for change. The writing’s on the wall and in very large letters It is time for Westminster to adapt or die. As for how this will end I predict death but Westminster will not go quietly it will I think have one last bout of madness before choking on its own self importance.

Love And Best Wishes
Gayle X


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