Part Of The Family

Hey everyone In this my penultimate post election poem I have focused on our first party meeting after our historic victory and I tell the story of a night which like the best Scottish new year parties started off with hugs and handshakes before resolving to improve in the future.

Believing as I do in democratic participation I asked our gifted young activist Morgan Horn to choose between two titles and she selected Part Of The Family. This was the choice I had hoped she would make as the SNP is very much like a family and our members are very protective of each other and yes there are certain members of the Young Scots For Independence who bring out the mammy in me. Anyway that’s enough of my ramblings I hope you enjoy the read.

Part Of The Family

It was a busy meeting
our first since the election victory
Before we got started
there were handshakes smiles and hugs
and well earned pats on the back.
but we knew there was no time for slacking
Enthusiastically we divided in to groups
It was time to rally the troops
for campaigns to come.
and come they will
sooner than some may think
we debated earnestly and with purpose
Discussed what we did well and what needs improving
Searching for solutions from a variety of perspectives
This is no time to be selective
or sing only of our triumphs
we need to find ways of reaching out
to new members get them involved in the party
value them make them feel part of the family
listen to those who voted for others
Discover what we can do better
how we can best spread the word gain their trust whilst retaining that of those who voted for us
It is fair to say we are not perfect
We will make mistakes and when we do
We need to be honest and say we got it wrong
It is time for a different song
from those laments which talk of failures or past glories
Ours is a story we can tell best
by learning from yesterday
as we focus on tomorrow

@ Gayle Smith 2015


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