Hey everyone. Tonight I have chosen to post my third post election poem. Entitled Celebration, it focuses on the Celebration in the rooms after our victory paying tribute to our wonderful campaign team but also remembering those walked these streets before us carrying the banner with dignity in darker days than now. I hope you enjoy the read.


It was a well deserved victory
we had won in a difficult seat
Removed a major player in the Westminster political game
A game where Scotland has long been used as a pawn
Viewed as expendable to used for the benefit of others
This time the mask was uncovered
Voters saw through the lies
The Labour Party were second rate Tories
whose disguise dropped long ago
Drapped in the flag of empire and colonial servant
rather than than the blood red banner of the workers
they were once so proud to hold high
On that night of celebration
as we sang and danced
On the night we reached for the sky
and sent messages to the night stars
I thought how far we had advanced
In recent years.
It was emotional
a time for tears, smiles, and making memories
We celebrated but remembered there is much work still to do
As many chatted in groups
I shared a private moment
To talk to a talented young activist
giving what I hope were words of encouragement and advice to someone whose passion for her country
is matched only by her hunger for equality
She and others like her will be the voice of our democracy
When I am no longer around
In them our land has found fighters for humanity
who will speak against injustice shine a light in the darkest of hours
It is for her generation I sing flower of Scotland
Wipe the tears from my eyes during Caledonia
Knowing what it means to hold on to dreams and never let them go
Remember that sunshine will melt
even the harshet winter snow
Reflect that our nation is moving from blossom to bloom
As I celebrate our victory
with my family of choice cherish those who worked so hard
And deserve to be remembered on nights like this.

@Gayle Smith 2015


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