Driving Seat

Hey everyone This is the second in a series of election based poems. This one covers the drama of the declarations and what the results may mean for Scotland and the future of the United Kingdom. Our opponents were given a reminder in the independence referendum that Scotland is a nation and and not a dependent colony. However, rather than listen they ignored that reminder so this time they received a rather more serious warning in the form of an electoral drubbing. It is something from which they would be well advised to learn. Failure to do so will have disterous consequences for both their parties and their union. I have titled this poem Driving Seat I hope you enjoy the read.

Driving Seat

As the results came in
we knew
it was going to be good
the exit polls predicted a landslide Nicola took to twitter
telling us not to believe them
but just hope for the best
I was like a child on christmas eve
waiting for Santa to bring me
the presents on my list.
One by one the results were declared
and I got even more than I asked than I asked for
Kilmarnock was first to come to the banner
the Western Isles stayed true
It seemed there was nothing
we couldn’t do
nowhere we couldn’t win
I was beginning to feel optimistic
as the first of the big beasts fell
Paisley and Renfrewshire South
turned yellow
or more accurately Black
as a 20 year old defeated a former Labour cabinet minister
on the road to becoming
our youngest ever MP
Next up the Western half of Dundee
where we had never won before in a Westminster election
but selecting the law man was a master stroke as we stormed to victory
Then came West Dunbartonshire
and the place where trident is stored
said in the words of the proclaimers trident no more
the lion was ready to roar
Scotland would no longer be ignored
In Falkirk West, Glenrothes, and Ochil
results showed we were getting vocal
we were making our voices heard From Dundee East to East Kilbride
the tartan tide was flooding Westminster
They will waive the rules
no longer
A stronger voice will now replace the feeble fearties
From East Renfrewshire to Midlothian
The people had spoken with one voice
The choice was clear to see
The SNP were stacking up seats
from Ayrshire to Aberdeen
Banff And Buchan to The Borders the days of meekly following Westminster orders
Were now confined to the history books
soon it would be Glasgow’s turn to say
there is another way and Labour would pay the price
for neglecting our city and our people
The Clyde was about to turn yellow
as one by one the stars crashed down
the night sky wept in despair
Those who should have been the heirs
to the tradition of MacLean
replaced by those who actually are
The price they have to pay
for dancing to the tunes of Old Etonians
in the hope they would be rewarded with ermine robes
the uniform of rogues
This wasn’t just a parcel of rogues
we were binning this was an entire gallery
The route was started in my seat       I now have a local MP who represents me who stands on the rock of principal.                   Majorities once thought to be invincible                                     toppled on the night to end them all South West, South, Central, North West won as Scotland celebrated the birth of a new dawn.                      A country more confident than in past years                                               No longer held hostage to fears and scare stories                                           or the myth that only Labour could stop the Tories.                      Arithmetic exposed that lie             on the night we gained seats in Dunfermline and Cumbernauld    old town and new.                          even our capital changed political hue.                                                            In every seat but one.                         as the sun rose to welcome              the golden dawn of morning.     This landslide was a warning            to the Westminster elite.      Scotland will not be treated as second class citizens any longer.   We have a stronger voice now.      and we intend to use it                        If you want to keep your united kingdom united.                                you cannot refuse to listen.             we had better be invited to the top table.                                                 where the real power lies.             This is not a nation you can cut down.                                                       to a size that fits you.                         we have moved on                           from the place you parked the bus. we are in the driving seat.                 we are moving to a different destination

@Gayle Smith 2015


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